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Business Education
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The Page icon in the Main Toolbar displays the current page number. To view other pages, click the Page icon on the Main Toolbar to open the Page Manager window. The Page Manager window shows a preview of all pages on the canvas.


The Page Manager provides access to the following options:

Add new page
The new page is created next to the currently selected page.
PageDelete Off.png
Delete selected page
Deletes the selected page. Click the undo button to reverse the action.
PageCopy Off.png
Copy Page
Copy selected page contents into a new page. The new page is created next to the currently selected page.
Page Sorter Off.png
Page grid
Click the icon to display the page previews in a larger grid. By default, it only shows the adjacent pages.
  • Available only for a canvas with 4 pages or more.
  • To delete multiple pages in this view, select the pages and click the delete page icon.
Page Manager UI. Note the page counter at the top right.

Other available actions possible in Page Manager:

  • Click the left and right arrows to arrange the preview.
  • Click on a page to select and load that page.
  • Click and drag pages to rearrange the page order.

myViewBoard also has other UI elements to aid in page management:

  • The date time overlay includes page information in the current page/total page format. Enable the date time overlay in the background menu or in the FollowMe AI page.
  • Click the New Page icon on the Floating Toolbar to automatically create a new page.

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