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透過視頻創建引人入勝的動態課程! myViewBoard Clips 允許用戶在畫布上搜索,訪問和插入教育視頻內容。myViewBoard Clips 提供來自150多家頂級媒體品牌的200多萬條教育視頻,安全,無縫,快速地創建引人入勝的課程。 myViewBoard Clips 是商業免費,正版版權,並為教育科目策劃。 myViewBoard Clips是Boclips提供支持. Boclips 是一項服務,收集所有年齡層次和科目的最佳教育視頻,並將它們放在一個平台上,以便在教室中使用更簡單,更快速,更安全的方式來使用視頻。

myViewBoard for Windows 是專為在Windows操作系統上運行而設計的數字白板解決方案。 myViewBoard for Windows針對互動式屏幕進行了優化,但也可以在非互動式屏幕上運行,可以滑鼠點擊代替觸摸以進行互動。 與myViewBoard.com整合允許無限制的用戶數共享屏幕,以及從世界上任何地方分享屏幕的內容。 myViewBoard for Windows還允許用戶即時在屏幕上編寫,編輯和轉換文檔和圖像,利用互動顯示來創建更具吸引力的演示文稿。 myViewBoard for Windows使用先進的AES-256加密來保護數據免受未經授權的訪問。


有關使用myViewBoard for Windows的介紹和信息,請參閱以下指南:

本文件是在安裝後,快速開始使用myViewBoard for Windows的指南。
本文件是使用myViewBoard for Windows用戶界面的指南。
本文件是使用myViewBoard for Windows的綜合指南。
This document aims to be a printable guide that users can use as a quick 'cheat sheet' reference to the myViewBoard icons.本文件是可列印的說明書,用戶可以將其用作myViewBoard圖標的快速“功能表”參考。



myViewBoard 系統推薦要求
  • 處理器: Intel Core i5-2500k x86 CPU
  • 記憶體: 8 GB
  • 作業系統: Windows 10 Pro
  • 儲存設備: SSD
  • 觸摸屏幕: ViewSonic ViewBoard®
myViewBoard 系統最低要求
  • 處理器: Intel Core i3 x86 CPU
  • 記憶體: 4 GB
  • 作業系統: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • 儲存設備: HDD / SSD


To get the most out of myViewBoard, users need to create a complimentary myViewBoard account at Users can sign up with their Google, Microsoft or a regular email address. Having a myViewBoard account provides the following benefits:

  • Sign in from anywhere
  • Load personal settings and customizations
  • Access to files stored in linked cloud storage services
  • Use all the features of myViewBoard

myViewBoard for Windows can still be used without signing in. However, some features will be unavailable.

For more information, see signing up for a myViewBoard account.

myViewBoard for Windows Working Area

myViewBoard for Windows user interface
myViewBoard for Windows default business background

Whiteboard for Windows working area is divided into the following areas:

Canvas area

This is the main area (the 'whiteboard' area where content is displayed). The background is blank white by default, however it can be customized in two ways:

  • Click the Whiteboard background management menu I-background-menu.svg in the bottom left corner to select a solid color, or one of the predefined images as the background.
  • Sign in to your myViewBoard account to load your personal preferences, including any customizations applied to backgrounds, shape lines and magic pens.

Resize the canvas area by dragging the handle bar at the bottom right corner of the Whiteboard program.

More information: Customizing the Whiteboard Canvas

Floating toolbar

More information: Whiteboard Floating Toolbar

Toolbar that allows users to perform operations on the canvas. This toolbar can be moved freely around the canvas area.

Main toolbar

More information: Whiteboard Main Toolbar

Toolbar that allows users to add annotations to the canvas area. This toolbar can be dragged to the right, left or bottom side of the program window.

Title bar

More information: Title bar

This is the top bar of the Whiteboard window. When logged in, the myViewBoard name (personal session ID) will appear on the top left. On the right of the bar there is:

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