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Throw Tool
Sends an object to the myViewBoard host specified
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Send Screen
Stream the user's screen to the myViewBoard host specified
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Receive Screen
Receive and view a myViewBoard stream on the user's screen
Remote Control
Remotely manage an ongoing myViewBoard session
Set up settings that are loaded for every myViewBoard session
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Provides links to download the myViewBoard software
Join a myViewBoard session
Joins a myViewBoard session.



Go back to the landing page
myViewBoard FollowMe AI
Go to the FollowMe AI screen
Edit Account
Set up settings for personal profile and account name
Change Password
Change the user's password
Sign out
Sign out of the myViewBoard web site


Start a myViewBoard session
Host a new myViewBoard session.
Start a myViewBoard Virtual Classroom session
Host a new myViewBoard Virtual Classroom session.
myViewBoard Clips
Go to myViewBoard Clips.
Entity Management
Access options to manage entities.
myViewBoard Wiki
Access to our Wiki.
>Access to myViewBoard Community.
Access myViewBoard YouTube Channel.
File Conversion
Convert files to the universal .iwb file format.
Bandwidth Calculator
Access to myViewBoard Bandwidth Calculator.
Request to upgrade your tier.
Entity Request
Request to subscribe as en Entity.

ver 1.0 20190613
For more information, visit
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To print, click the printer icon from the top right. Enable the following:
  • Set margins to none
  • Enable printing of background graphics


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