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工具是可以增強任何表示形式的互動式物件。 要使用“工具”中的項目,請雙擊或單擊並拖動到畫布上。


Magic Box Clock.png
Magic Box Timer.png
設定自定義倒數計時器。 點擊迷你時鐘圖標以更改倒數,然後再次點擊以設定時間。 按播放圖標開始倒數計時。.
Magic Box Ruler.png
可以擴展或旋轉的尺。 點擊並沿數字滑動以沿邊緣繪製一條直線。 可以在myViewBoard設定中更改單位。
Magic Box Square.png
與尺類似,可以旋轉或擴展的三角形。 點擊並沿任一邊上的數字拖動以繪製一條直線。 在myViewBoard設定中更改單位。
Magic Box Protractor.png
A protractor that can be rotated or resized. Click the check mark icon to draw a line along the base of the protractor.
Magic Box Compass.png
A compass that can be resized and rotated. Click and drag the pen point to draw along the compass path.
Magic Box Calculator.png
Displays an interactive calculator.
MB XY.png
Use the XY Graph to plot values on the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) axes.
Magic Box Math Input Panel.png
Adds math formulas and equations onto the canvas.
Magic Box Flash Cards.png
Flash cards allow you to create a question, add an image to one side of the card, and then an answer and another image to the other side of the card. To flip the card, press the light bulb icon.
MB dice.png
When clicked, the 3D Dice displays a random value from six possible choices.
Magic Box Magnifying Glass.png
Zooms in on any part of the screen. To increase the size of the circle, drag the edges or use the settings (gear) icon.
Magic Box Spotlight.png
Blacks out the whole screen except for a small circle. Click and drag anywhere on the dark area to move the circle. Drag the edges of the circle to resize/reshape the circle or use the settings icon.
Magic Box Window Shade.png
Covers the whole screen with an image. The default image is a silver "window shade". Click and drag the window shade to move it around and reveal specific sections. A custom image can be used for the "shade".