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要修改myViewBoard for Windows中的設定,請點擊標題欄上的齒輪圖標。 更改立即生效。

要配置更多設定,請登錄myViewBoard.com並轉到 FollowMe page.


Setting Off.png


所做的任何更改都會立即生效。 此標籤包含以下選項:

  • 主題
教育: 應用默認圖標和UI。
商業: 應用暗色圖標和UI。
公共部門: 應用暗色圖標和UI。
運動: 應用默認圖標和UI。

  • 語言
更改UI使用的語言。 可以使用以下語言:
  • 繁體中文
選擇語言後,myViewBoard UI會立即更新。

  • Visual Aids
為了增加可訪問性,myViewBoard for Windows添加了彩色濾鏡以幫助色盲用戶。 點擊“Visual Aids”並選擇以下選項之一:
  • 英文
  • 西班牙文
  • 芬蘭文
  • 法文
  • 荷蘭文
  • 挪威文
  • 波蘭文
  • 葡萄牙文
  • 俄 文
  • 瑞典文
  • 土耳其文
  • 繁體中文
默認值為Off。 myViewBoard Visual Aids和 Windows Color Filter 功能無法同時運行。 要使用myViewBoard Visual Aids,請關閉Windows Color Filter功能。

  • 配置切換
打開或關閉myViewBoard設定。 一切都默認啟用。
  • 單位: 在公制和英制之間切換。 透過“形狀”工具創建形狀時會顯示這些測量單位。
  • 多重觸控: 根據設備支持的觸摸點數量,啟用多個手指/筆尖的檢測。 如果禁用,畫布僅識別一個觸摸輸入。 禁用此選項還會自動禁用Multi-touch Gesture和Palm橡皮擦選項。
  • 多點觸控手勢: 當“選擇”工具處於活動狀態時,允許使用雙指滑動手勢來導航或創建頁面。 如果禁用“多次觸摸”選項,則此選項不可用。
  • 手掌橡皮擦: 使用封閉的手掌啟用在畫布上擦除物件。
  • GPU加速: 啟用GPU加速。 重新啟動myViewBoard以生效。
對於有移動性問題的用戶 (或者如果畫布記錄了很多意外的觸控, 禁用多點觸控,多點觸控手勢和手掌橡皮擦可以使myViewBoard更易於使用。

  • 文字字型

  • 文字轉語音設定
  • 語音: 請注意,用戶只能選擇已安裝在系統中的語音。
  • 速度: 調整語音讀取文字的速度。
  • 音量: 調整語音讀取文字的音量大小。


ScreenSaver Off.png
Specify how long the myViewBoard program should wait before it logs the current user out.


  • Select the icon to disable the timeout.
  • This setting is similar to the "Auto log-out time" on

Companion App Download Tab

App Off.png
Companion App download
Displays QR codes for downloading the myViewBoard Companion Apps.


Help Tab

Help Off.png
Displays help for common myViewBoard tasks and questions.

Notes: This tab is divided into the following sections:

  • Basic
Provides links to basic video tutorials about selected myViewBoard features.
Videos open in their own floating window.

  • Advanced
Provides links to video tutorials on more advanced topics about selected myViewBoard features.
Videos open in their own floating window.

  • Tool
Provides links to the following:
SpeedTest page
Adobe Flash player for the Embed browser
Note that the downloading the Adobe Flash player launches a new browser window outside myViewBoard.

  • Miscellaneous
What's new: Opens a window that lists the new features for the current release.
myViewBoard wiki: Launches the Embed browser and opens the wiki.
Collect and shows the PC's information: Scans the system for hardware and software components, then inserts a text report onto the canvas. To copy the report, double click the text to enter "text editor" mode, press CTRL+A and CTRL+C.
Show 3rd party open source library licenses: Inserts the license agreements of 3rd party components used by myViewBoard as a text report.
Go to help page: Opens the Embed browser and loads the myViewBoard FAQ page.

Information Tab

About off.png
Displays version details for the myViewBoard for Windows program.

This tab displays the following details:

  • Email: Email address used to activate this myViewBoard installation
  • ViewBoard Name: ViewBoard name provided during installation
  • Instance ID: Unique ID assigned to this installation
  • Version: myViewBoard version currently installed

Additionally, the following task are available on this tab:

  • View the Remote Control status to check if it is possible to use the casting module.
  • If the user has not yet received the activation email, click Re-send the activation email to try again. This option is not available once the software has been activated.
  • Click Update myViewBoard to check if a newer version is available.