tc:Configuring Whiteboard Settings

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要修改myViewBoard for Windows中的設定,請點擊標題欄上的齒輪圖標。 更改立即生效。

要配置更多設定,請登錄myViewBoard.com並轉到 FollowMe page.




所做的任何更改都會立即生效。 此標籤包含以下選項:

  • 主題
教育: 應用默認圖標和UI。
商業: 應用暗色圖標和UI。
公共部門: 應用暗色圖標和UI。
運動: 應用默認圖標和UI。

  • 語言
更改UI使用的語言。 可以使用以下語言:
  • 繁體中文
選擇語言後,myViewBoard UI會立即更新。

  • Visual Aids
為了增加可訪問性,myViewBoard for Windows添加了彩色濾鏡以幫助色盲用戶。 點擊“Visual Aids”並選擇以下選項之一:
  • 英文
  • 西班牙文
  • 芬蘭文
  • 法文
  • 荷蘭文
  • 挪威文
  • 波蘭文
  • 葡萄牙文
  • 俄 文
  • 瑞典文
  • 土耳其文
  • 繁體中文
默認值為Off。 myViewBoard Visual Aids和 Windows Color Filter 功能無法同時運行。 要使用myViewBoard Visual Aids,請關閉Windows Color Filter功能。

  • Configuration Toggles
Toggles myViewBoard settings on or off. Everything is enabled by default.
  • Units: Switch between Metric and Imperial. These measurement units are shown when creating shapes via the Shape tool.
  • Multiple touch: Enable detection of multiple fingers/pen points, depending on the number of touch points supported by the device. If disabled, the canvas recognizes only one touch input. Disabling this option also automatically disables Multi-touch Gesture and Palm eraser options.
  • Multi-touch gesture: Enable use of the two-finger swipe gesture to navigate or create pages when the Selection tool is active. This option is not available if the Multiple Touch option is disabled.
  • Palm eraser: Enable erasing objects on the canvas using a closed palm.
  • GPU acceleration: Enables GPU acceleration. Restart myViewBoard to apply changes.
For users with mobility issues (or if the canvas registers a lot of accidental touches), disabling Multiple touch, Multi-touch gestures and Palm eraser may make myViewBoard easier to use.

  • Text font
Configure default font for the Text tool.
The default font can also be configured on the web site.

  • Text to speech setting
Configure default text-to-speech settings.
  • Voice: Note that the user can only select voices that are already installed in the system.
  • Speed: Adjust how fast the voice reads the text.
  • Volume: Adjust how loud the voice reads the text.

Timeout Tab

Specify how long the myViewBoard program should wait before it logs the current user out.


  • Select the icon to disable the timeout.
  • This setting is similar to the "Auto log-out time" on

Companion App Download Tab

Companion App download
Displays QR codes for downloading the myViewBoard Companion Apps.


Help Tab

Displays help for common myViewBoard tasks and questions.

Notes: This tab is divided into the following sections:

  • Basic
Provides links to basic video tutorials about selected myViewBoard features.
Videos open in their own floating window.

  • Advanced
Provides links to video tutorials on more advanced topics about selected myViewBoard features.
Videos open in their own floating window.

  • Tool
Provides links to the following:
SpeedTest page
Adobe Flash player for the Embed browser
Note that the downloading the Adobe Flash player launches a new browser window outside myViewBoard.

  • Miscellaneous
What's new: Opens a window that lists the new features for the current release.
myViewBoard wiki: Launches the Embed browser and opens the wiki.
Collect and shows the PC's information: Scans the system for hardware and software components, then inserts a text report onto the canvas. To copy the report, double click the text to enter "text editor" mode, press CTRL+A and CTRL+C.
Show 3rd party open source library licenses: Inserts the license agreements of 3rd party components used by myViewBoard as a text report.
Go to help page: Opens the Embed browser and loads the myViewBoard FAQ page.

Information Tab

Displays version details for the myViewBoard for Windows program.

This tab displays the following details:

  • Email: Email address used to activate this myViewBoard installation
  • ViewBoard Name: ViewBoard name provided during installation
  • Instance ID: Unique ID assigned to this installation
  • Version: myViewBoard version currently installed

Additionally, the following task are available on this tab:

  • View the Remote Control status to check if it is possible to use the casting module.
  • If the user has not yet received the activation email, click Re-send the activation email to try again. This option is not available once the software has been activated.
  • Click Update myViewBoard to check if a newer version is available.