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Use the Selection tool to select objects, text and pictures.


Click the Selection tool and perform one of the following:

  • To select a single object, click on a solid part of the object.
  • To select multiple objects as a group, draw a circle around the objects to include in the selection.

A border appears around objects successfully selected. After selection, myViewBoard provides the following options to manipulate the object:

  1. Click and drag the object to move it around the canvas.
  2. Use the handle bars to resize the object:
    • Triangle handle bars - Resize the object while maintaining the original ratio of width to height measurement.
    • Circle handle bars - Resize only the height or width of the object. Objects appear stretched after resizing.
    • Rotation control - Rotate the object.
    On a touch-screen device, use two fingers to resize and rotate objects.
  3. Use the adorning menu to apply different effects to the selected objects. The Group/Ungroup icon appears if multiple objects are selected.

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