Секундомер в инструментах Ларца

The Timer is one of the tools available from the Magic Box. This tool adds a custom countdown timer to the canvas. Click the mini clock icon to change the countdown, then click it again to set the time. Press the play icon to begin the countdown.

Launching the Timer

To access this tool, perform the following:

  1. On the main toolbar, click the Magic Box icon.
  2. On the Magic Box toolbar, click the Tools icon.
  3. Double-click or drag the Timer icon from the list of icons.
  4. The tool is inserted on the canvas.


Click and drag the timer to move it on the canvas.

Click and drag the   icon to resize.

Use     to stop, start and pause the stopwatch/timer.

- Use   to switch to timer mode.
- Use   and   to increase/decrease the time - hours, minutes and seconds available.
- Use   and   to enable/disable a sound when the timer is about to expire.

Click the   icon to close the stopwatch/timer tool.

Прочий инструментарий