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Инструмент Ластик служит для удаления лишних или ненужных объектов с полотна. Двойной щелчок по значку разворачивает панель режимов удаления объектов.

Режим работы

Click on the Eraser tool once to activate:

  • To erase lines drawn by the pen tool, drag the eraser over the area to erase.
  • To erase images and shapes, click the image and shape to erase.
  • On a touch enabled device, make a fist and use the bottom side of your fist to erase objects on the board.

Click the Eraser tool icon again to change the eraser mode:

Icon Feature Description
Eraser Revert the eraser to its default mode.
Erase Selection Draw around the objects to be erased. The Eraser tool stays in this 'selection' mode until the default Eraser mode is selected again.
Trashcan Click to clear the whole canvas. Note that any tool visible on the canvas are also removed.

Drag the slider to adjust the size of the eraser.

Adjust the size of the eraser

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