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Встроенный браузер - это интегрированный в платформу веб-браузер, который обеспечивает доступ к интернет-сайтам, не выходя из программ myViewBoard, Classroom и Whiteboard.

Режим работы

Домашняя страница встроенного браузера по умолчанию состоит из следующих областей:

Встроенный браузер в myViewBoard для Windows
  • Поисковая система. Введите ключевое слово и нажмите Enter или кликните по значку для запуска интернет-поиска.
  • Google встроен поисковой системой по умолчанию
  • Кликните по иконке Google для переключения на поиск в Bing
  • Раскладка стартовой страницы. Закладки на популярные сайты. myViewBoard предоставляет набор закладок по умолчанию.
  • Ссылки. Предустановленные веб-ярлыки на сохраненные сайты. Эти ссылки нельзя перенастроить.
  • Apple Store. Кликните, чтобы отсканировать QR-код для скачивания приложения myViewBoard с Apple Store
  • Google Play. Click to view a QR code to download the myViewBoard app on the Google Play Store
  • Chrome Web Store. Loads the extension page of the myViewBoard extension
  • Google Accounts. Displays the Google account info page.
  • Microsoft Account. Displays the Microsoft account info page.
  • myViewBoard account. Displays the myViewBoard account info page. myViewBoard users are automatically signed in.
  • myViewBoard Clips. Load the myViewBoard Clips search page. For more information, see myViewBoard Clips.
  • myViewBoard FAQ page. Displays the FAQ section of the myViewBoard help.

Apple Store. Нажмите, чтобы просмотреть QR-код, чтобы загрузить приложение myViewBoard в Apple Store Гугл игры. Нажмите, чтобы просмотреть QR-код, чтобы загрузить приложение myViewBoard в магазине Google Play. Интернет-магазин Chrome. Загружает страницу расширения myViewBoard extension Аккаунты Google. Отображает страницу с информацией об учетной записи Google. Учетная запись Microsoft. Отображает страницу информации об учетной записи Microsoft. аккаунт myViewBoard. Отображает информационную страницу учетной записи myViewBoard. Пользователи myViewBoard автоматически входят в систему. клипы myViewBoard. Загрузите страницу поиска myViewBoard Clips. Для получения дополнительной информации см. MyViewBoard Clips. Страница часто задаваемых вопросов myViewBoard. Отображает раздел часто задаваемых вопросов в справке myViewBoard. The URL bar displays the URL of the page displayed on the current tab.

  • The URL bar also functions as a search bar. To search, perform one of the following:
  • Type keywords and press enter
  • Click the icon
  • The URL bar also accepts URLs. To type in URLs, start the URLs with http:// or https://.
  • To add a new tab, click on the tab toolbar.

Note the following limitations:

  • The Embed Browser does not keep records of previous logins, history or search. If you sign out of the program and access it later, it won’t remember any websites you’ve signed in to.
  • The Embed Browser does not support pop-up pages.
  • Only one embed browser can be active at a time.
  • During playback of online videos, setting the video to fullscreen fills up the whole Embed browser area only.

Inserting Text, Images and Videos onto the Canvas

Use the Embed browser to add text from the internet:

  1. Use the Embed browser to visit a web page.
  2. Highlight text from a web page.
  3. Drag the highlighted text onto the canvas.
  4. Edit the text using standard myViewBoard tools.

Use the Embed browser to add images from the internet:

  1. Use the Embed browser to visit a web page.
  2. Go to a web page that has the images you want.
  3. Click and drag the image from the web page onto the canvas.
  4. Edit the image using standard myViewBoard tools.

Use the Embed browser to add videos from YouTube:

  1. Use the Embed browser to visit https://www.youtube.com/.
  2. Use the YouTube search function to locate a video.
  3. On the search results, click and drag the video title onto the canvas.
    Performing a click-and-drag action on the video thumbnail inserts the thumbnail image.
  4. The video displays in a floating frame.

To see it in action, click here.


Embed Browser Toolbar

The Embed browser toolbar is found on the bottom area of the Embed browser. Click and drag on an empty area of the toolbar to move the Embed browser across the canvas. To resize the Embed browser, click and drag on the bottom right side. The Embed browser toolbar also provides the following icons to manage the user's browsing experience:

Window Controls

  • Close. Close the browser. Note that this closes all the tabs in the browser.
  • Maximize. Sets the browser to cover the whole canvas area. Click again to restore back to the previous size.
  • Minimize. Hides the browser from view, but still keeps all active web pages. To view the browser again, click the Embed browser icon on the Floating toolbar.

Navigation Controls

  • Refresh. Refresh the webpage.
  • Back. Go to the previous webpage
  • Forward. Go to the next webpage
  • Home. Go back to the homepage
  • Keyboard. Displays an onscreen keyboard. This is helpful when a physical keyboard is not present.

Special Controls

Embed Button. Places the current website on its own floating frame.

  • Interactions with the website are still possible.
  • The frame can be moved and resized.
  • Saving the canvas also saves the frame and a reference to the webpage.
Embedded websites likewise do not keep records of actions performed by the user. Any changes, updates or progress made on embedded websites are lost. The frame automatically loads a 'fresh' version of the embedded websites during the following:
- When the canvas is re-opened
- When moving between canvas pages

Screenshot and Drawing Tools: These tools allow drawing on top of the webpage inside the Embed Browser. Click the tools again to hide the annotations.

  • Pen tool. Draw freehand lines and squiggles.
  • Highlighter tool. Draw transparent lines to highlight text.
  • Eraser. Erase annotations made on the webpage.
  • Screenshot icon. Capture the webpage with all annotations. This screenshot is placed as an image on the canvas.

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