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How-to-use | One-pagers, quick start guides, user guides, tutorials and hand-outs

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Whiteboard for Windows
Whiteboard for Windows is a digital whiteboard optimized for interactive displays.

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Whiteboard for Android
Use myViewBoard Whiteboard on your Android device.

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Web based collaborative whiteboard system. No installation required.

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Online classroom for remote learning.

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myViewBoard Companion App
Take your presentation to the next level with myViewBoard Companion App.

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myViewBoard Display
Mirror desktops wirelessly to large displays, without the need to install additional software or hardware.

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myViewBoard Manager
Remotely manage multiple installations of Viewsonic visual solution devices such as ViewBoard.

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myViewBoard Recorder
Android app that can be used independently or together with Whiteboard for Android.

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Learn more about hardware products that can be used with myViewBoard.