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myViewBoard is a visual learning platform from ViewSonic. には、 myViewBoard ClassroomWhiteboard などの myViewBoard エコシステム内のアプリケーションとサービスが含まれています。 これらのアプリケーションは適切なブラウザで実行できますが、 myViewBoard には専用のWindows および Android アプリをダウンロードするためのリンクも含まれています。

また、 を使用して、 Classroom セッションおよびホワイトボードセッションとやり取りし、 Throwツール画面共有な どの機能を使用することができます。


System Requirements is accessible from any web browser, but works best with Chromium-based browsers:

For best performance, we recommend Chrome browser (or a Chrome-based browser). myViewBoard uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) to achieve screen sharing across various platforms such as Chromebook, Windows, and macOS. Currently, this can only be supported on Chrome.
Microsoft Edge also fully supports Edge is built on the same Chromium platform as Google Chrome.
Non-Chromium browsers like Opera and Firefox are not optimal for, as the share screen function is not supported by these browsers.

To properly access the myViewBoard ecosystem (including the Companion) on you network, request your IT department to open the following ports:

  1. TCP Port 443 (HTTPS): outbound
  2. UDP and TCP port 3478 bidirectional to the WebRTC server
  3. UDP Ports 50,000 – 65,535 (RTP/sRTP/RTCP) bidirectional to the WebRTC peers
    These ports are optional; if blocked, media will be proxied using TURN on port 3478.

The WebRTC protocol is actively used in screen sharing. Verify that these ports are open on your network firewall.

To check your connectivity status, visit:

We also recommend:

To use additional features, install the myViewBoard Extension for Chrome. This extension is available on the Chrome web store. This can also be manually installed to Microsoft Edge.

Registering for myViewBoard

To get the most out of myViewBoard, users can create a free myViewBoard account at
Sign up with a Google, Microsoft, or Apple account, or a regular email address.

Having a myViewBoard account provides the following benefits:

  • Host Classroom sessions
  • Use FollowMe to maintain your personalized settings across devices and sessions
  • Access to files stored in linked cloud storage services
  • Use all the features of Whiteboard and other myViewBoard apps

First select Sign Up from the top-right of the myViewBoard homepage.

On the next screen there are the following options to sign up:

Sign up with an existing Google, Apple or Microsoft account:

  1. Click one of the following:
    • Sign in with Google
    • Sign in with Microsoft
    • Sign in with Apple
  2. On the next window, grant permission for myViewBoard to access the account.

Sign up using a regular email:

  1. On the myViewBoard sign up page, enter the following:
    • Unique myViewBoard name
    • Email
    • Password
  2. Select the checkbox to comply with myViewBoard terms of service and privacy policy agreement.
  3. Click Sign Up.

After successfully signing-up:

  1. An activation email will be sent to the account. Click the link in the activation email.
  2. After activation, sign in and set up the new myViewBoard account.
  3. On first sign in, prompts the user to update the user's Personal Profile and Account Name.

Signing in to myViewBoard

Signing in to an existing myViewBoard account:

  1. You can sign in to your existing account using the details you registered with - for example if your registered with your school's Microsoft credentials, this will be your myViewBoard login details.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Sign in with Google
    • Sign in with Microsoft
    • Sign in with Apple
    • Sign in with an email address

If you are having difficulties accessing your account, you may try Forgot password?, or alternatively try our online support.

サインインせずにご利用できる 機能

ユーザーが にアクセスすると、サインインせずに次の機能にアクセスできます:


Top Toolbar

These features are accessible from the top toolbar after signing in. Depending on the account type, some of the features such as Entity Management may not be accessible.

User Information

The top toolbar also displays the user's myViewBoard name and Login Email beside the user's avatar. Clicking the avatar displays additional options.

Go back to the landing page
Settings for Whiteboard and Classroom, and connect third-party services.
Edit Account
Set up settings for personal profile and account name
Change Password
Change the user's password
Sign out
Sign out of the myViewBoard website

Quick Links

Options available in the Quick Links section may vary depending on the type of user account logged in.

Host a new myViewBoard Classroom session.
A lightweight, browser-based digital whiteboard.
Education-specific, quality curated videos.
A sensor to analyze your presentation effectiveness, audience mood and room environment.
Requires the myViewBoard Sens sensor hardware to function.
A service for admins to manage users1.
A service for admins to manage devices1.
Mvb wiki logo.svg
Wiki suite for myViewBoard guides and technical info.
MVB support request.png
Request technical support.
myViewBoard Community forum.
myViewBoard YouTube Channel.
Convert a file from the following formats:

.flipchart (Used by Promethean ActivInspire), .notebook (Used by SMART Notebook), .enb (Used by ViewBoard 2.1 and EasiNote3)

to Whiteboard for Windows .vboard or Whiteboard for Android .iwb file format
myViewBoard Bandwidth Calculator.
Compute bandwidth requirements for a smooth myViewBoard experience.

1 If you would like to request access to these features click here.

Customize Whiteboard and Classroom settings with FollowMe

FollowMe settings apply to every myViewBoard Whiteboard and Classroom session. These settings 'follow' the user across devices and sessions to make using myViewBoard apps more convenient and consistent.

To customize your FollowMe settins, first log in to and then:

  • Click the FollowMe.svg icon in the toolbar,
  • Click your avatar, and select the FollowMe.svg FollowMe from the drop down menu.
  • After customizing the settings, don't forget to click Confirm at the bottom of the page.

Once the settings have been saved, you may need to start a new session in Whiteboard or Classroom by logging in again.

Click here for more information about customizing the FollowMe settings.

About Entity Management


The Entity Management console on provides centralized administration and setup options for a myViewBoard Entity (such as a school or company). This console is only accessible to users set up as admins.

Contact your account manager or get in touch with us here if you require access to this service.

Entity admins have access to tools they can use to remotely monitor and manage multiple myViewBoard installations, such as:

  • Show a summary of user and usage data
  • Select which cloud services users can bind to their account
  • Allow remote hardware management of supported devices
  • View and update information on users, subscription, and domains
  • Manage settings for single sign on and software instances

Read more about Entity Management here.

If you wish to sign up for an entity account, please contact us by submitting this form.

Types of myViewBoard Account

The standard account is free and includes Whiteboard, myViewBoard Originals, and more. However, some features such as user and device management tools (Entity Management and Manager) are only available for certain types of myViewBoard account. To review all the differences between the available myViewBoard tiers, see the Pricing.

To encourage the continuation of education through the pandemic, ViewSonic is offering one year of myViewBoard Premium for free if you sign up by September 30th 2021.

Read more

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myViewBoard の詳細については、オンラインリソースを参照してください。

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