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Negocios Educacion
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La Caja Mágica provee una variedad de recursos para los usuarios:


La función de Caja Mágica está disponibles en las siguientes plataformas. Sin embargo algunas funciones estarán disponibles solo en ciertas plataformas:

La función de Caja Mágica de myViewBoard para Windows provee acceso a la mayoría de recursos

La función de Caja Mágica para Android incluye solo las funciones básicas.

La Caja Mágica para myViewBoard QuickBoard incluye acceso a recursos en línea.


En la barra de herramientas principal hacer clic en la Caja Mágica. Seleccionar una de las siguientes opciones disponibles:

Import Resource

Imports resources from the local hard drive or the Cloud into the myViewBoard canvas.

For more information, see Import Resource.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are objects that contain text or freehand drawings. When not being edited, myViewBoard displays sticky notes as small colored squares that show a preview of its contents.

For more information, see Sticky Notes.


The YouTube tool allows searching YouTube for related videos using keywords.

For more information, see YouTube.

Image Search

Use Image Search to locate images that you can use for your lessons. The feature will only return images that are age-appropriate and free from license restrictions.

For more information, see Image Search.


Tools are interactive objects that can enhance any presentation. To use an item in Tools, double click, or click and drag onto the canvas.

For more information, see Tools.

Online Widgets

Online widgets are animated images that can be added to the canvas.

For more information, see Online Widgets.


The Camera accesses a webcam or external camera connected to the device running the myViewBoard program.

For more information, see Camera.

Throw Tool

The Throw Tool allows others to send images or videos from their device to a myViewBoard session.

For more information, see Throw (Magic Box).

Pop Quiz

The Pop Quiz feature is only available for Education entities. Please reach out to your technology director if you’re unsure your district has this or not.

For more information, see Pop Quiz.