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A. Casting
  1. Cast - Click to activate the Casting module.
B. Screen Recorder
  1. Full-Screen Capture - Capture the entre screen.
  2. Free-Hand Capture - Draw an outline around the image to capture.
  3. Area Capture - Highlight the area you would like to capture.
  4. Screen Recording - Record activity (touch + voice) on the panel.
C. File Management
  1. New - Start a new file.
  2. Open - Open a previously saved vBoard file.
  3. Save - Click to save the file after you have made changes.
  4. Save As - Choose the file name and where to save the file.
  5. Export - Export the file as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, PPTX, and IWB.
  6. Print - Send the file to a printer.
  7. Share via QR Code - Share the MyViewBoard session as a PDF file.
D. Magic Box
  1. Local Resources - Access files that are on your local storage.
  2. Add Resources - Access your online resources.
  3. Post-Its - Add Post-Its that reveal additional info when selected.
  4. YouTube Search - Find videos to add to your Board.
  5. Photo Search - Find images that are copyright free.
  6. Tools - Add your favorite tools like the calculator and spotlight.
  7. Online Widgets - Add widgets into your Board.
  8. Camera - Open a camera attached to the computer.
  9. Throw Tool - Import resources from Throw here.
  10. MyViewBoard PopQuiz - Click to preview PopQuiz responses.
E. Pen
  1. Marker - Customize the line thickness and opacity and start writing.
  2. Pen Brush - Add a calligraphy flare to your writing with this pen.
  3. Highlighter - Highlight over text or objects.
  4. Laser Pen - Use to focus attention to an area of the canvas.
  5. AI Pen - Artificial intelligence predicts what you are trying to draw.
  6. Shape Pen - Use to stamp shapes. Customizable with your own images.
  7. Magic Line Pen - Use this pen to color in a pattern.
F. Eraser
  1. Eraser - Use to manually erase handwriting from the canvas.
  2. Free Hand Delete - Lasso all the items to remove.
  3. Clear All- Removes all content from canvas except backgrounds.
G. Shape and Line
  1. 2D Shapes - Insert a 2D shape. Drag out to increase size.
  2. 3D Shapes - Choose from an array of 3D shapes to draw.
  3. Lines & Connectors - Draw lines or use connectors to link shapes.
  4. Table - Select the number of table cells to insert. Drag to adjust size.
H. Text Editor
  1. Format text - Common options for formatting text.
  2. Immersive Reader - Launch the Immersive Reader to read text.
  3. Text-to-speech - Read the selected text using the system voice.
  4. Text-to-speech options - Configure the text-to-speech feature.


ver 1.0 20191101
For more information, visit wiki.myviewboard.com.
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To print, click the printer icon from the top right. Enable the following:
  • Set margins to none
  • Enable printing of background graphics


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