Whiteboard for Android Quick Start Guide

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Whiteboard for Android is a digital whiteboard solution designed specifically to be used on an Android device. Whiteboard for Android functions similarly to the Windows version with a few minor differences.

Sign in to Whiteboard for Android

Use Whiteboard with the same Google account, Microsoft account, or email account you used for myViewBoard.com.

Sign In with email
  1. Provide your email and password.
  2. Click .

Sign In With Google, Microsoft, or Apple account
  1. Click one of the following:
    • Sign in with   Google
    • Sign in with   Microsoft
    • Sign in with   Apple
  2. Provide your email and password.

Sign in with QR code
  1. Launch the Companion App on your mobile device.
  2. Sign in using an email address.
  3. Click the QR Code icon to open the phone's camera.
  4. Position the phone so that the QR code displayed on the Whiteboard for Android program is inside the QR 'scanner' of the companion app.

If you signed up with a Google or Microsoft account and you need to use the Companion App:

  1. Go to http://myViewBoard.com.
  2. Click your avatar and click Change Password.
  3. Specify a password and click Confirm.
  4. Sign in using the Companion App.

Customize the Whiteboard Canvas

Change the background by clicking the   icon in the bottom left of the screen. You can import images from local and cloud storage, use myViewBoard custom backgrounds, or set a solid color.

myViewBoard also provides free content for educators to use, accessible from the background management pop-out window. ViewSonic Originals are regularly updated and are also accessible from this page.

FollowMe Images
Displays custom images uploaded to your cloud storage account.
Color Palette
Sets a solid or gradient color as the background.
Displays backgrounds that come pre-installed with Whiteboard.
ViewSonic Originals
Displays original backgrounds created by myViewBoard.
Local hard drive
Use images from the user's hard drive.
Select Image
Select images from the local hard drive to use as background.
It is recommended that selected images match your screen's resolution.

There are also the following options for overlays to the background (can be applied in addition to backgrounds):

Displays a grid over the canvas. The color of the grid changes depending on the background color.
Date Time
Displays the current date and time in the top right of the canvas.
Click the icon to show or hide the date and time.

Video tutorials


Whiteboard for Windows: changing the background tutorial


Adding Custom Backgrounds

Whiteboard for Android Working Area

The Whiteboard for Android working area is divided into the following areas:

Canvas area

The main area where users work in. By default, the background of the canvas area is blank. However, this can be customized via the following methods:

  • Click the Whiteboard background management menu to specify another solid color or one of the predefined images as the background.
  • Sign in to your myViewBoard account to load your personal preferences, including any customizations applied to backgrounds, shape lines, and magic pens.

Floating toolbar

More information: Whiteboard for Android Floating Toolbar

The toolbar allows users to perform operations on the canvas. This toolbar can be moved freely around the canvas area.

Icons in the floating toolbar are the same for both the Android and Windows versions of Whiteboard.

Main toolbar

More information: Whiteboard for Android Toolbar Icons

The toolbar allows users to add annotations to the canvas area. This toolbar is always fixed to the right, left or bottom side of the program window.

Title bar

More information: Whiteboard for Android Toolbar Icons

A toolbar that appears at the topmost section of the Whiteboard program. If logged in, this toolbar displays the user account currently logged in. It also provides access to the following options:

  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Close button

More Information

For more information about Whiteboard for Android, visit the following links:

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Sign In/Out - Sign In and Sign Out

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