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myViewboard is a digital whiteboard built with online interactive technologies that allows groups to access dynamic tools through any touch displays and devices for creating engaging content.

Search | Search through our ever growing knowledge base of myViewBoard information.

Prepare | Resources to inspire and bring your lessons to life


myViewBoard Classroom
myViewBoard Classroom allows teachers to connect and interact with students, regardless of location.


Using myViewBoard in Distance Learning
Learn how to use existing myViewBoard tools to deliver your lessons remotely.

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myViewBoard Original Content
myViewBoard Original Content is interactive content that you can use in the classroom, 100% created using myViewBoard tools.

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myViewBoard Original Content Backgrounds
Enhance your lessons by downloading our complimentary backgrounds. Available in Full HD and 4K resolutions.

myViewBoard Clips
2 million+ educational videos to safely, seamlessly, and quickly create engaging lessons.


myViewBoard Original Content Video-assisted Learning
Increase student engagement by combining myViewBoard Original Content with educational videos.

Top 5 Downloaded myViewBoard Original Content  |  A list of our 5 most popular content last month

OC 3D Shapes Anchor Chart-min.png

3D Shapes Anchor Chart
Let students count the faces, sides, and vertices of shapes. Use Image Search to find examples of shapes.

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Learning French numbers
This activity uses myViewBoard Clips video-assisted learning to teach French numbers.


Students get a brief overview of badminton rules and learn how to correctly identify parts of the badminton court.


A quick review of our sports lessons. Move the players to the correct playing court.


Students get a brief overview of basketball rules and learn how to correctly identify parts of the basketball court.

Present & Participate | Let your audience get involved in the discussion

Wireless Presentation
Share your screen wirelessly, or select streams you want to view or send to.

Send images or videos from your device to a myViewBoard session.

Pop Quiz
Collect answers in real-time from your students.

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Web based collaborative whiteboard system. No installation required.

How-to-use | One-pagers, quick start guides, user guides, tutorials and hand-outs

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Digital Whiteboard
Web based collaborative whiteboard system. No installation required.

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Online classroom for remote learning.

myViewBoard for Windows
myViewBoard for Windows is a digital whiteboard optimized for interactive displays.

myViewBoard for Android
Use myViewBoard on your Android device.

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Sign in to a myViewBoard.com account to customize your myViewBoard experience.

myViewBoard Companion App
Take your presentation to the next level with myViewBoard Companion App.

Learn more about hardware products that can be used with myViewBoard.

myViewBoard ClassRoom Video Tutorials for Distance Learning | Short quick 20-minute videos to get you up and started with myViewBoard ClassRoom. See more details here.


Episode 1: An introduction to myViewBoard ClassRoom feature overview. In this video episode we explore how to get started and setup your camera and microphone device. Navigate the user interface and setup a myViewBoard ClassRoom session and connect some students.


Episode 2: Live Lesson Preparation for synchronous learning. In this video episode we prepare a real lesson scenario using a combination of resources, saved to Google Drive ready for teaching a live lesson.


Episode 3: Live Lesson Presentation and Participation for synchronous learning. In this video episode we present the lesson created in Episode 2. Share our lesson to Google Classroom and connect our remote students for live participation in real-time.

Videos | Videos about myViewBoard. For myViewBoard video tutorials, click here.


myViewBoard™ Your Digital Whiteboard


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myViewBoard cares about security --- and only uses secure connections to protect each session.

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