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The Text tool provides options for working with text on the canvas. The Text tool accepts both typed and hanwritten input, and supports text-to-speech features as well.


To use the text editor:

  1. Click the Text tool icon once to activate.
  2. Click the canvas area where the text is to be inserted.
  3. On the text editor window that opens, click the input area and start typing.
    The text editor provides the following customization options:
    • Font type and size - only fonts available on the current device can be used
    • Text color and background
    • Alignment and indentation
    • Subscript and superscript
    • Text-to-speech settings - only voices available on the current device can be used
  4. To resize the text editor window, click and drag the edges of the text editor window.
  5. Click to close the text editor.

To update the formatting at a later time, use the Select tool:

  • To update the text contents, click twice on the text to open the text editor window again.
  • To resize the text, click the text and drag the sides/corners to enlarge.
  • To change the text color or background color of the text, click the text and use the Object menu.

Handwriting Support

Click the Text Editor icon again to switch to handwriting mode. This mode enables handwriting recognition and converts handwritten letters and words on a touch-screen device to typed text.

  1. Using your fingers or a pen tool, write on the myViewBoard canvas.
  2. Click on the new icon that appears on the Floating Bar to convert your handwriting to text. If you click something else (like the Select tool), any handwriting input is discarded.