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[[Category:Main Toolbar]]
[[Category:Main Toolbar]]
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The Text Editor allows you to type text on your Canvas. To use the text editor, touch/click on it once then touch/click anywhere on your Canvas. A text window will open and usually (especially if at your ViewBoard) the on screen keyboard will display. This is the text editor and you can change anything from font, to font color, alignment and indentation. As you type (with either the onscreen keyboard or an attached keyboard) you may need to resize the text editor box so all your text is displayed. This can be done by click and dragging any of the dots/circles on the edges of the Text Editor window.

When you are finished, close the text editor. You can also resize the text by using the Select Tool to touch/click the text and drag the sides/corners to enlarge the text. You can also use the Adorning Menu to change the color or highlight the text.

Handwriting Text

If you touch the Text Editor icon twice you’ll notice that the icon changes from a T to the icon pictured on the left. When this is activated you can handwrite on the board and convert your handwriting to typed text.

As you handwrite the icon above will appear in the Navigation Bar on the far right, as pictured below. When you are finished handwriting you’ll need to touch/click that icon in the Navigation Bar to convert your handwriting to text. If you don’t, and click something else (like the select tool) your handwriting will disappear).