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MT 1 file.svg
MT 2 Magic Box.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 3 select.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 4 Pen.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 5 eraser.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 6 sticky.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 7 shapes.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 8 text.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 9 undo.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 91 redo.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 92 background.svg
This PC
Insert files from your device.
Google drive.svg
Google Drive
Insert resources saved in the connected Google Drive account.
Note that only supported formats can be inserted.
For multipage PDFs, each PDF page is inserted into its own canvas.
Classroom 3.0 Magic Box image search.svg
Safely search for images from the web.
To insert, drag them to the canvas.
Icon Clips.svg
Insert educational videos.
Icon YouTube.svg
Search for YouTube videos using keywords.
To insert, drag them to the canvas. Switch to presentation mode (bottom left icon) to play the video.
Icon Webpage.svg
Embed a webpage link onto the canvas.
Switch to presentation mode to activate.
Icon Animated widget.svg
A selection of ready-made animations that users can insert on the canvas.
Users can click on an object to trigger the animation.