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# 點擊分享檔案.
To view the responses:查看回復:
# Open the Pop Quiz tool from the Magic Box. 從添加來源中打開彈出測驗工具。# Reveal answers by clicking on a name. Names of participants may appear multiple times depending on how many times they have answered.點擊名稱顯示答案。 參與者的姓名可能會出現多次,具體取決於他們回答了多少次。# Click the "Upload" circle with arrow icon at the bottom right of the quiz window to upload all responses to the connected Cloud storage account. This also initiates a new Pop Quiz session. 點擊測驗窗口右下方的帶有箭頭圖標的“上傳”圓圈,以將所有響應上傳到連接的Cloud Storage帳戶。 這還將啟動一個新的隨堂測驗session。
To access responses at a later time, on the connected Cloud storage account, go to the myViewBoard folder and locate the "Quiz" folder.若要稍後訪問回復,請在連接的Cloud Storage帳戶上,轉到myViewBoard文件夾並找到“ Quiz”文件夾。
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