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<div style="padding:10px;border:solid 1px #eee;width:310px;margin:10px;float:right;">{{IconBox|[[File:Mvb-site.png|right|myViewBoard.com sign-in page]]|300px;}}<br/>''myViewBoard.com sign-in page.''</div>
<div style="padding:10px;border:solid 1px #eee;width:310px;margin:10px;float:right;">{{IconBox|[[File:Mvb-site.png|right|myViewBoard.com sign-in page]]|300px;}}<br/>''myViewBoard.com sign-in page.''</div>
<section begin=SignUpMVBw />
myViewBoard provides the following options to sign up:
''Integrate an existing Google or Microsoft account:''
# Click one of the following:
#* Sign in with Google
#* Sign in with Microsoft
# On the next window, grant permission to myViewBoard to access the user's Google or Microsoft account.
''Sign up using an email provider:''
# On the myViewBoard sign up page, fill up the following details:
#* Unique myViewBoard name
#* Email
#* Password
# Select the checkbox for EULA agreement.
# Click Sign Up.
After successful sign-up, perform the following steps:
# An activation email will be sent to the account. Activate the account by clicking the link in the activation email.
# After activation, sign in and set up the new myViewBoard account.
# On first sign in, myViewBoard.com prompts the user to update the user's Personal Profile and Account Name Setting.
If you used the single sign on (SSO) option to sign in, your browser may ''automatically'' sign in to myViewBoard.com using the Google or Microsoft account currently logged in on your browser. If you wish to switch accounts, go to the respective Google or Microsoft page first and sign out from there. Once signed out, you should be asked again to provide your credentials the next time you sign in to myViewBoard.com.
<section end=SignUpMVBw />

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myViewBoard.com sign-in page

myViewBoard.com sign-in page.

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