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With the cast tool you can send your screen to others or have others send their screen sent to your board. This can be helpful if you have a large class and everyone needs to be able to see what’s on the ViewBoard. Likewise it can be easier to have kids cast their screen to the board without physically hooking their computer up to the board. The cast window is show below.

Sending screen to
At any time others can receive your screen to their Chrome device or a device running Google Chrome (note that they’ll need to have the myViewBoard Google Chrome Extension). Users must go to and sign in. At the top there’s an icon showing a “Board” to a “Computer Screen” (shown on the right). When they click this they must type in the board name which is displayed at the top of the cast menu OR at the top left of of the myViewBoard window. When someone receives your screen, their name will display under the “Sending screen to” section of the cast menu.

Anything the you do on board (including anything you say) is captured via video and audio and sent to the device. Note that you must touch/click the name in the menu to give them access before you can send your screen (their name will display red until you touch/click and then it will turn green). While you are sending your screen users can record a video of your screen or take screenshots. It’s also important to know that users MUST be signed into to receive a screen from the board.