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The marker is one of the pen types available from the Pen tool.

The Marker draws simple lines and is recommended for most uses. This is the default pen tool selected.

To access the marker:

  1. Click the Pen icon on the main toolbar.
  2. Click the Marker icon.
Using the marker pen

Using the marker pen.

On myViewBoard for Windows, press Ctrl+P to switch immediately to the marker pen. For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, see Whiteboard Keyboard Shortcuts.


  • Click the Pen tool once to activate.
  • Click again to open Pen tool options.
  • With the pen tool active, right-click or 'long-touch and release' anywhere on the canvas to open the Pen tool options.

The following options are available:

Color options - To change colors:

  1. Select a color from the bottom row. To select more colors, click the "+" icon.
  2. The top row changes to various shades of the color selected.
  3. Click the preferred color and start drawing.
Selecting colors on the Pen toolbar

Selecting colors on the Pen toolbar.

Stroke options - use the slider to adjust stroke properties

  • Pen width - sets the size of the stroke. The preview circle changes to reflect the current stroke size.
  • Transparency - sets the visibility of the stroke.

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