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{{DISPLAYTITLE: Magic Line Pen}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE: Magic Line Pen}}
<seo metak="myviewboard" ogtitle="Magic Line Pen" ogimage="wiki.myviewboard.com/images/f/fe/Logo-filled.png" ogdescr="The Magic Line pen acts like a "background" reveal tool." />

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The Magic Line pen is one of the pen types available from the Pen tool.

The Magic Line pen acts like a "background" reveal tool. To use the Magic Line Pen:

  1. Select a background pattern (or upload your own to your myViewBoard folder).
  2. As you draw on your canvas, portions of the background are revealed.
The Magic Line pen acts like a "background" reveal tool.

Using the magic pen.


To access the Magic line pen:

  • Click the Pen tool once to activate.
  • Click again to open Pen tool options, and select the Magic line pen.
  • With the pen tool active, right-click or 'long-touch and release' anywhere on the canvas to open the Pen tool options.

The following options are available:

  • Image options - Click the preferred image and start drawing.
  • Pen width - Sets the size of the stroke. The preview circle changes to reflect the current stroke size.
  • Transparency - Sets the visibility of the stroke.

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