Laser Pen

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The Laser Pen draws lines like the highlighter tool. However, lines are not persistent and disappear whenever the laser pen draws another line. This is useful to temporarily bring attention to a specific piece of the presentation, similar to a laser pointer.

Lines created by the laser pen cannot be selected using the Selection Tool.

Using the laser pen

Using the laser pen.


To access the laser pen pen:

  • Click the Pen tool once to activate.
  • Click again to open Pen tool options, and select the laser pen pen.
  • With the pen tool active, right-click or 'long-touch and release' anywhere on the canvas to open the Pen tool options.

The following options are available:

  • Color options - To change colors, click the preferred color and start drawing.
  • Pen width - sets the size of the stroke. The preview circle changes to reflect the current stroke size.

On myViewBoard for Windows, use the following keyboard shortcuts to specify pen thickness:

Ctrl+0 Pen thickness (thinnest)
Ctrl+1 Pen thickness (thin)
Ctrl+2 Pen thickness (medium)
Ctrl+3 Pen thickness (thick)

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

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