States of Matter – Changing States of Matter

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🌎 Matter is Everywhere!
Everything around you and making you are made up of matter- the trees, the smoke, even the water you drink. On Earth, the matter can be found under 3 different physical forms called states of matter. One of the first science concepts many children learn is the three states of matter: gas, liquid and solid.
We created myViewBoard Originals of learning states of matter, 2 versions included. One is for kindergarten through grade 2 students to strengthen students' understanding of matter and its three states. 👉 here This one is for grade 4-6 students an insight into how the states of matter can be changed from one form to another.
Also, we added one page on the original content for FREE myViewBoard Originals ICON RESOURCES for teachers that they can use these states of matter graphics in their myViewBoard Whiteboard design.
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Scientists study different changes that shape the world around us. Students (Grade 4-6) will explore the way solids, liquids, and gases change in different situations.
💡 Activities:

  • Graphic Organizer about the matter for teachers to talk about what is matter and what is the difference between volume and mass.
  • Matching the definitions of solid, liquid, and gas in volume, shape, and atoms.
  • Animation-assisted to introduce the changing between states of matter.
  • Animation-assisted to help students learn the phase diagram for water and explain a phase transition is the transition from one state of matter to another and the variations between the states of matter of elements or compounds as they relate to pressure and temperatures. Students should be able to determine the temperature at which this happens through scientific investigation.
  • Practicing the worksheet of changing states of matter integrated with student participation and feedback either in person or remotely by using myViewBoard Throw feature.
  • FREE myViewBoard Originals ICON RESOURCES. Teachers can use these free myViewBoard Originals states of matter icons in your myViewBoard Whiteboard design.

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