Let's Draw like Pablo Picasso

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It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
Today, let’s learn about Pablo Picasso and draw like Pablo Picasso!


  • Pablo Picasso biography
Teachers can provide their students with the information to introduce this famous artist or have them find the information through internet research.
  • What do you see in Picasso’s painting?
Write down the keywords/ adjectives what you feel about Picasso's paintings to cultivate students' observation ability and independent thinking skills.
  • Roll the Dice: Let’s draw like Pablo Picasso!
- Draw a face to begin the Pablo Picasso Dice Game!
- Roll the dice to see which eye, eyebrow, nose, ear, and mouth should add to your Picasso face!
- Add lines (hairs) to complete your own Pablo Picasso Masterpiece.

👉 This content design is drawing by using WoodPad and the student’s interactive participation is drawing by using WoodPad as well. The use of technology in teaching and learning and infuse classrooms with digital learning tools will make learning interesting.

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