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Activities and key concepts on magnetism. The teacher can also perform these experiments in the classroom together with the students.


The activities in this original content are designed to explore the following key concepts:

  • Activity 1: Which objects can be attracted by magnets?
Key concepts: Magnets only act on objects made of metal.
  • Activity 2: How will the magnets act?
Key concepts: Like poles repel; unlike poles attract. Magnets are strongest at their ends. Ends of magnets may push or pull other ends of magnets.
  • Activity 3: How will the compasses act?
Key concepts: A compass is a magnet. A freely suspended magnet lines up in a north-south direction. Investigate what happens when a magnet is brought near a compass. More to explore magnets point north because of the whole Earth as a huge magnet
  • Activity 4: How can paper clips be attracted?
Key concepts: Magnets are strongest at their ends.
  • Activity 5: How will the magnetic pole change?
Key concepts: If you break a magnet into two pieces, each piece will still have a north pole and a south pole. More to explore everything we've seen in nature has been a dipole.

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