Newton’s Laws of Motion

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Physics emphasizes conceptual understanding in the learning process. One important concept in physics is Newton's Laws of Motion 🍎which is a fundamental concept of the motion of objects related to force. This law was formulated by Isaac Newton into three basic laws.
This myViewBoard Originals designed visual graphics aid scientist theory to help students build the background and knowledge about Newton's Laws of Motion and think about how they are used in everyday life.

English poet Alexander Pope composed to Newton's famous epitaph: Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night; God said "Let Newton be" and all was light.💡


📝 Isaac Newton Biography:

  • Teachers can provide your students with the information to introduce this famous scientist or have them to find the information through internet research.

📝 Learn and utilize:

  • Define and distinguish between contact forces and non-contact forces.
  • Use visual graphics aid scientist theory to introduce Newton’s Laws of Motion with real life examples.
  • Utilize Newton's Laws of Motion to complete the questions.

📝 Gamification to practice what you learned today:

  • Wheel Foldable Activity helps students organize and recall what they have learned.
  • Match the animation with the correct Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Give an example of a scenario that represents the three laws and throw the pictures to the Canvas by using Throw.

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