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If you need help, you can try reaching out via the following channels:

myViewBoard Wiki
A deep dive on all things myViewBoard. If you’re in need of even more detailed information, quick start guides, and additional resources, check out our myViewBoard Wiki page.


myViewBoard Support
We've added a brand new support page on If you're having issues using myViewBoard, head over to our new support page and let us know how we can help.


myViewBoard Community
Get help from your fellow myViewBoard users. This is a place where you can discuss your personal experiences, ask for advice, and share tips and tricks in using myViewBoard.


myViewBoard YouTube channel
We also have a YouTube channel where you can watch myViewBoard-related videos, everything from how to use myViewBoard to learning the latest features.


myViewBoard Blog
Get the latest updates on myViewBoard. We occasionally also discuss the latest innovations, teaching strategies and emerging trends in EdTech, so come give us a visit to learn more.


Note that you need to sign in to use myViewBoard Support and myViewBoard Community. To contribute to this wiki, contact