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You can find useful tutorial videos about how to use myViewBoard by watching these mini series which contains easy to follow instructions to help you get started with Distance Learning, Classroom teaching engagement with students, and real live teaching use cases.

myViewBoard Classroom Tutorial Mini Series

Classroom is an online browser-based education platform within myViewBoard Ecosystem. It is designed as a collaborative learning tool for delivering teaching, visual learning and participation for a full class, individuals or groups of students. myViewBoard Classroom can be used in a physical or virtual Classroom scenario.

Classroom has been designed to be adaptive to different teaching pedagogies, making it suitable for traditional front of class teaching, flipped Classroom, blended/hybrid teaching styles and distance or remote learning.

Episode 1: An introduction to myViewBoard Classroom feature overview

In this video episode we explore how to get started and setup your camera and microphone device. Navigate the user interface and setup a myViewBoard Classroom session and connect some students.

Episode 2: Live Lesson Preparation for synchronous learning

In this video episode we prepare a real lesson scenario using a combination of resources, saved to Google Drive ready for teaching a live lesson.

Episode 3: Live Lesson Presentation and Participation for synchronous learning

In this video episode we present the lesson created in Episode 2. Share our lesson to Google Classroom and connect our remote students for live participation in real-time.

Episode 4: Asynchronous Learning with myViewBoard Classroom – Preparation

In this video we create an asynchronous learning material by creating a presentation and recording a lesson video using myViewBoard Classroom

Episode 5: Delivering Asynchronous Learning with myViewBoard and Google Classroom

In this video episode we deliver an asynchronous lesson using content we previously created in myViewBoard Classroom and assign it to our students using Google Classroom as our Learning Management System.

myViewBoard Display Tutorial Mini Series

Episode 1: myViewBoard Display in myViewBoard Box, myViewBoard for Windows and

In this video episode, we'll walk you through how to use myViewBoard Display on three different platforms: myViewBoard Box, myViewBoard for Windows and

Episode 2: Additional myViewBoard Display features in myViewBoard Box

In this video episode, we'll demonstrate how to take full advantage of the built-in myViewBoard Display app inside myViewBoard Box.

myViewBoard Device Management Tutorial Mini Series

In this video episode, we'll introduce and walk you through how to use myViewBoard Device Management.