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myViewboard is an ecosystem that allows users to create their own personal digital whiteboard in the cloud. Users can create, view and present these virtual whiteboards wherever they are, using one of the myViewBoard software solutions available. Files and user settings follow the user across devices. Creating a free myViewBoard account enables users to get the most out of the ecosystem.

myViewBoard is designed to increase collaboration in work, education, and entertainment.

myViewBoard is a visual learning platform from ViewSonic. contains web apps, personalized settings, and links to download software. contains applications and services within the myViewBoard Visual Learning Platform, such as myViewBoard Classroom and Whiteboard. These applications can be run within a suitable browser. As well, also contains links to download dedicated Windows and Android apps.

You can also use to interact with Classroom and Whiteboard sessions, using features such as Throw and screen sharing.

The standard account is free and includes Whiteboard, myViewBoard Originals, and more. However, some features such as user and device management tools (Entity Management and Manager) are only available for myViewBoard Entity. To review all the differences between the available myViewBoard tiers, see the Pricing. features available without signing in
When users visit, the following features are accessible without signing in: features after signing in User Guide For more information see


Whiteboard NEW.svg

Whiteboard (web-based) is a fully browser-based digital whiteboard that requires no software to be installed.

myViewBoard also offers more powerful versions of Whiteboard, available for download on Android and Windows. Whiteboard for Windows is the most feature-rich solution, with the web-based solution being a lightweight version.

Access Whiteboard from (requires sign-in).

For more information see Whiteboard.

Whiteboard for Windows

Whiteboard NEW.svg

Whiteboard for Windows is a digital whiteboard designed to run on the Windows operating system. Whiteboard features work best on large touchscreen displays, but Whiteboard also runs on non-interactive screens such as a laptop screen, with mouse clicks replacing the touch for interaction. Whiteboard works together with to allow screen-sharing, and personalize files and settings that can follow a user across devices. Whiteboard for Windows uses AES-256 encryption to protect data. myViewBoard Security outlines security features of the myViewBoard ecosystem, including Whiteboard.

For more information see Whiteboard for Windows.

Whiteboard for Android

Whiteboard NEW.svg Whiteboard for Android is a digital whiteboard designed specifically to be used on Android devices. All ViewSonic interactive ViewBoards run a modified version of Android OS (although they can also have a slot-in in Windows PC in addition), and come preinstalled with Whiteboard.

Whiteboard for Android functions similarly to the Windows version with a few minor differences. Both work best on touchscreen devices.

For more information see Whiteboard for Android.

myViewBoard Companion App

The myViewBoard Companion app allows users to control various actions on a myViewBoard session using a mobile phone. The myViewBoard Companion app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For more information see myViewBoard Companion App.

Integrated cloud services

Link accounts to your myViewBoard account in FollowMe settings on

Your myViewBoard account can connect to popular third-party cloud storage and videoconferencing accounts.

myViewBoard supports the following cloud services:

  • Google-drive.svg Google Drive
  • Dropbox.svg Dropbox
  • Box.svg Box
  • OneDrive2019.svg OneDrive and OneDrive for Business (only available for Entity accounts)
  • Nextcloud files.svg NextCloud Files
  • Zoom.svg Zoom
  • Logo-Google-classroom.svg Google Classroom
  • GoToMeeting

For more information about cloud integration, see Cloud Integration.

High privacy & security

myViewBoard integrates Github, Docker, and Circle CI, deploy secure, scalable architecture on Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services Cloud platform, WebRTC’s protocol for securing our streaming service, and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in our secure file sharing and transmit use case. This approach is designed to balance customers’ needs for security and confidentiality with public information in regard to technologies and third-party solutions that myViewboard integrates. For more details, please see our security white paper.


Safe Loop

Supports HTTPS 256 AES encrypted connections, there are NO open text connections to No any attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two connected parties.


Data Encryption and Authentication? keeps renewing “SSL & TLS certificates” which are the industry standard encrypted protocols to secure data encryption and authentication on network communications.


Keep Your Privacy

Unlike other apps which require users to input their Username/Password and save locally causing high risks, adopts TOKEN based access for the registration of Third Party Cloud Storage Applications without saving or using Username/Passwords from other services such as Google Drive or OneDrive.


Unique User ID and Device ID

During installation, the app will verify a validated email address for ID registration to activate it. After installation, the app generates a unique ID for this Windows device with instance ID technology to make sure any records can be identified without ID confusion.


Encrypted Files

Every .vboard file is encrypted with AES256 encryption scheme and can be locked with a password to a specific user who will require the Private/Public Key to open the file.


No Trace Behind

When exiting the app, sign-out, users switch, or reaching the set idle timeout, the app will delete every temporary file. It also follows OAuth 2.0 which is commonly used as a way for Internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites/cloud storages but without giving them the passwords.

For more information about security, see myViewBoard Security and myViewBoard Security Overview. For more information about the privacy policy see the myViewBoard Privacy Policy.

Video-assisted learning with educational videos

Icon Clips.svg myViewBoard Clips contains over 2 million educational videos from more than 150 media brands for Video-Assisted Learning (VAL). Built specifically for education, Clips has no adverts, is copyright cleared, and is powered by Boclips. At this time, the majority of videos are in English although the service has a limited content selection in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Clips is available for Education entities - contact us to find out how to register as an education entity for free.

For more information about video-assisted learning, download the whitepaper here.

For more information about myViewBoard Clips see myViewBoard Clips.

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