MyViewBoard Display Release History

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V1.35.2 (2020-09-07)


- Support Whiteboard for Windows to cast to Display
- Updated to the new product logo

V1.34.0 (2020-08-03)


- Adding support webside link to myViewBoard Display web browser UI.
- Impement process to avoid multiple user binding at the same time.
- Press Enter key after key in OTP to bind to myViewBoard Display app.
- When Key in wrong OTP, web UI will turn OTP key-in field to red to alart user.


- Show web version on upper left of screen


- The user cannot cast out the screen to Display of IFP again if the network recovery from disconnection.
- Display APP cannot launch on Android 10
- Display of IFP won’t refresh back to default page of standby state if network was disconnected on sender side (Display url) during casting.
- Cannot control the share audio volume from host device. (myViewBoard Box, Android 7.0 device)
- If network was disconnected on sender side ( during casting scenario, the receiver side (myViewBoard Display app) screen won’t refresh back to default page of standby state.
- The audio remains play on IFP if clicks pause button on present window.
- Add 64bit crosswalk library .so files, to prevent "Setting" and "Explorer" can not use after system OTA.
- Fix the problem when OTP was set wrong on browser and same browser couldn't preset to Display app.