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Title Bar
VC user profile.svg
User avatar
Click to access myViewBoard account settings and Throw history. This icon is the default avatar; if the user has updated it it will appear differently.

Mvbc signout.png
Log out of Whiteboard
This does not log you out of the Companion app.

Navigation Bar
Companion btn participate.png
Options to send objects and answers to a Whiteboard session.
Companion btn control.png
Whiteboard Control
Remote control for your Whiteboard session.
Companion btn cast.png
Wireless Presentation
Options relating to your active Wireless Presentation.

Participation Icons
Send an object to a Whiteboard session.
This feature is available even without signing in.
Pop quiz.svg
Pop Quiz
Send a response to a Pop Quiz.
This feature is available even without signing in.
Answer a Poll or Quiz.
This feature is available even without signing in.
349t8y3986 yo8hg04857gh029354gh2-53.svg
QR SignIn
Scan a QR code to sign in to a Whiteboard session.
Whiteboard Control Icons
Laser Pointer
Press for a laser pointer to appear on Whiteboard, release to stop using.
Companion btn laser stroke.png
First check Laser Pointer at top of screen. Press and hold for a highlighter effect.
Laser stroke reset.png
Laser Stroke Reset
Tap to reset laser pointer to center of screen.
Laser stroke clear.png
Clear highlighter
Remove all laser stroke highlights on screen.
Mvbc url.png
Whiteboard URL
Tap to display URL, password, and QR code for session.
Mvbc qr.png
Share QR-code
Tap to save a copy of current session, and display QR to download the file.
Companion btn flipright.png
Next page
Go to the next page, if the file has multiple pages
Companion btn flipleft.png
Previous page
Go to the previous page, if the file has multiple pages
Wireless Presentation Icons
Companion btn enlarge cast.png
Enlarge the size of the presentation screen
Companion btn shrink cast.png
Reduce the size of the presentation screen


ver 1.0 20210111
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