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Companion is an app for myViewBoard available for iOS and Android. Use the myViewBoard Companion app to:

  • Quickly and securely sign into Whiteboard sessions by scanning a QR code.
  • Enroll Whiteboard into an Entity.
  • Remotely control Whiteboard sessions with page navigation and a laser pointer.
  • Interact with other Whiteboard sessions by sharing files by Throw Throwimg.png.
  • Take part in polls and quizzes with Pop Quiz Popquizimage.png and Polls Polls image.png features.

Get the Companion app

System Requirements
  • Android devices must be running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.
  • Apple devices must be running iOS 9 or higher.
  • Allow permissions for camera and file access if using the Throw feature.
  • Android devices must not be in the Battery-Saver / Power-Saver mode to allow Companion to function.

Download the Companion app

  1. Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search "myViewBoard Companion".
  3. Install the app, and sign in to your myViewBoard account (to access all features).

Direct download links also has links to download Companion:

  1. On the device to which you want to download Companion, go to
  2. Click Downloads.
  3. Click the download button for either Google Play or the Apple Store.
  4. Choose to open your device's app store.
  5. Click the install button, and wait for the installation to complete.

For more information, see Download.

page

This page presents the users with multiple options to sign in to the app based on their profiles. Also, the users can see the Info.jpg icon at the top left of the screen for Settings-related information and submitting feedback.

How sign-in works

  1. Select your role to sign in: Pick your role either as a Host/IT admin or as a Participant for using Companion. It is noteworthy that the hosts and participants use their registered individual myViewBoard accounts to access Companion, whereas IT admins log in with their Entity Admin accounts or scan the QR code to enter the app.
    • Sign in with your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account that you registered with us:
      • Google.svg Sign in with Google
      • Microsoft.svg Sign in with Microsoft
      • Apple.svg Sign in with Apple
    • Sign in with your email:
      • Provide your email and password.
      • Click the SIGN IN tab.
        Note: Click Forgot password? to reset the password, and an email will be sent to your regular email id.
  2. Join as a Guest: If you don’t have a myViewBoard account and want to join Companion as a guest for work collaboration, then type in the “Host name” and “Your name” in the given fields. Alternatively, scan the QR code of the Whiteboard session you want to join in.
  3. Sign Up: If you haven't created a myViewBoard account yet, you can do so here.To use all features, we advise you to sign up and use all features.

Once logged in, you will be able to use the Companion app as a remote control for your Whiteboard for Windows or Whiteboard for Android sessions.

Companion app interface for signing-in based on user's profile
process for a Host/IT admin and Participant

After signing in as hosts and IT admins

Similar features are available to hosts and IT admins, but the use of the app are slightly different for each user.

  • Hosts: For interacting with audience or students:
    • Answering the quizzes and engaging in specific discussions
  • IT admins: For using admin-specific features:
    • Software instance enrollment: To enroll Whiteboard for Android or iOS, the device must have internet access.
    • myViewBoard Manager device enrollment: To enroll a ViewBoard or ViewBoard Box device into Manager, the device must have internet access.
Note: Entity end users are advised to use Companion only when their user accounts have been successfully set up by an Entity Admin. This avoids users signing up for individual accounts that are not attached and managed by the entity and won't have access to all of Companion's functionality.

When signed in, hosts and IT admins can access 3 pages:

Companion btn participate.png Participate
Companion btn control.png Remote control
Companion btn cast.png Wireless presentation


  • This page is for interacting with Whiteboard sessions from other users, for example sharing files or participating in quizzes.
  • Each time, you can send a file or response to a different host by either entering the name of the host or selecting one from the list.
  • Throw, Pop Quiz, and Polls are only available for the hosts with Premium or Entity accounts.

When signed in, you will also see your user profile picture/icon in the top left. Click this for settings and to sign out of the app.

The participate screen contains the following:

Throwimg.png Throw files such as images to a Whiteboard
Popquizimage.png Answer a Pop Quiz
Polls image.png Answer Polls
349t8y3986 yo8hg04857gh029354gh2-53.svg Log in to a Whiteboard by scanning a QR code

Whiteboard enrollment

  1. On the device
    1. Launch myViewBoard Whiteboard app.
    2. Click settings and click the i button for the software information tab.
    3. Click Enroll Software Instance under Entity.
    4. On the Whiteboard Enrollment Form, click Enroll via QR Code. A QR code will display.
  2. On Companion
    1. Sign in with the Entity Admin account and use the scanner to scan the QR code.
    2. You will be prompted to select an entity. Ensure you select the correct one, as well as input a Whiteboard name.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. A prompt should appear on Whiteboard informing you of successful enrollment.
    5. The device will appear in the Software Instances section within Entity Management under

Add devices into Manager

  1. On the device to manage
    1. Launch myViewBoard Manager Android app to view a unique QR code.
  2. On Companion app:
    1. Launch the Companion app, and ensure you are logged in with an entity admin account.
    2. Tap the QR-reader function CompanionQRCode.svg, and scan your device's QR code.
    3. Input device information as needed.
    4. Click Submit to add the device to Manager.

Access a Whiteboard with the QR code

Tip: Accessing a whiteboard with the Companion app's QR code function is quick and secure. You do not need to type out an email or password.

Use the Companion app to log in to the Whiteboard with the QR code scanner:

  1. Launch the Companion app.
  2. Sign in to Companion, if not already.
  3. Click the 349t8y3986 yo8hg04857gh029354gh2-53.svg icon to scan the QR code displayed on the Whiteboard for Windows or Android screen.
Note: If you can't find the QR code on the whiteboard, click the icon in the bottom right of the screen to display login options.



Throw lets you share files or photos from your phones to a Whiteboard session. Follow the given steps to use this feature:

  1. Click the Throw icon.
  2. Select Camera or Browse, then take your picture or select the file.
  3. On the next screen, enter the Host Whiteboard name, or scan the QR code of the Whiteboard.
    • The host name is the name of the Whiteboard session you are throwing the files to. This field is automatically filled in with the last host name you interacted with, for sharing files.
    • Click the CAnew-Icons-ThrowHistory.jpg icon to see a list of host names you've previously sent files to.
  4. Click the icon to send the file.

If successful, the Whiteboard session host should receive a notification.

Once Companion is installed, it will also appear under the default Android or iOS Share/Send options alongside other apps and email, etc.

If you are sending the file to your own Whiteboard session (the Companion app and Whiteboard are signed in with the same account), the Companion app will also ask you if you want to open the file on the Whiteboard. If you choose not to, you can always access all thrown files from the notifications icon or I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg Magic Box > Throw.

Pop Quiz


Answer a Pop Quiz from a Whiteboard with your Companion app.

  1. Click Pop Quiz icon.
  2. Use the pen, text, or AI pen to draw or write your answer. Alternatively, select a file from your device by clicking the file 878ty320ty304ty2-039t234t324t.svg icon.
  3. Click the paper plane icon to send your drawing or file to the whiteboard.
  4. The whiteboard will receive a notification, showing your file.

Add images from your phone.
Drag the image to the trashcan to delete.
If enabled, indicates that any image or text on screen can be moved.
Text tool
Click to add text.
Drag the text on the screen to the trashcan icon to delete.
Delete lines.
Click to draw an answer by hand.
To change the width, click the pen icon again.
185884707 948362939279330 92152610935330481 n(1).jpg
AI Pen
AI will generate icons to based on your drawing.
Change active pen color.

Note: To view Throw history and recall files, click your avatar in the top left and then Throw history. Recalling files depends upon network connection.


Polls image.png

Polls for Whiteboard can be answered from the Companion app.

  1. Click the Polls icon and then join by either entering the Whiteboard host name, or scanning the QR code for the Poll from the Whiteboard.
  2. Enter your name and click Join.
  3. When the Poll starts on Whiteboard, Poll questions will appear in the Companion app.
  4. Select an answer or multiple answers for each question. Click the plane icon to submit your answer.

After you use Companion to answer the Poll, the Whiteboard host can see the results.

Whiteboard remote control

You must be signed in to the Whiteboard and the Companion app with the same myViewBoard account to use remote control.

Companion app interface for controlling myViewBoard sessions
Companion app interface for controlling myViewBoard sessions in Laser Stroke Mode

Default management options:

Display Whiteboard session URL and QR code for Throw, Pop Quiz, and Polls interaction.
QR Code
Save the Whiteboard session to linked cloud storage, and generate a QR code that links to the file.
Laser pointer
Turn your phone into a laser pointer on the device running Whiteboard.
Go to the previous page, if the file has multiple pages.
Go to the next page, if the file has multiple pages.

Toggle Laser pointer on at the top of the page to use:

Laser stroke
Touch and hold to draw with a highlighter on the Whiteboard canvas.
Recenter the Laser.
Remove strokes
Delete all marks from the laser pointer.

Wireless presentation

Manage the Wireless Presentation feature of Whiteboard on this page. This feature is accessible to only Premium- and Entity-account users.

Companion app interface for configuring wireless presentation

Enable Turn the wireless presentation feature on for the signed in account.
After this is turned on, participants can send, cast or share their screen to the user's current Whiteboard session.
Moderation Display a list of participants requesting access to share their screen to the current Whiteboard session.
Click on an entry to grant access.

The two buttons under Frame Resize can be used when using the Wireless Presentation feature of Whiteboard to display participants' screens:

Reduce the size of the presentation screen
Enlarge the size of the presentation screen

After signing in as participants

Once signed in, a participant can see Join a Whiteboard session as the first page.

  1. Enter the Host Whiteboard name or scan the QR code of the Whiteboard.
  2. Type your name in the next field.
  3. Click Join to interact with the host's Whiteboard session.

Like hosts and IT admins, a participant is also provided with three pages.

  1. Participate: On this page:
    • A participant can use Throw Throwimg.png, Pop Quiz Popquizimage.png, and Polls Polls image.png to take part in the Whiteboard sessions. Remember the participant can only access these features if a host is signed in to whiteboard with a Premium or Entity account.
    • The responses of the participant is directly sent to the respective Whiteboard host.
  2. Whiteboard remote control and Wireless presentation: The same features can be used by participants for interaction as used by hosts and IT admins.

A participant can also find a profile icon at the top left for accessing Settings and signing out of Companion. Also, click the QR code icon appears at the top right to get the current Host's information and for changing the Host's name.

Joining as a guest

After connecting to the Whiteboard session, a guest can send the responses and files to the host by using Companion.

  • Collaborate work and engage in learning sessions through Throw Throwimg.png, Pop Quiz Popquizimage.png, and Polls Polls image.png features. These are for interacting with a Whiteboard session.
  • You can see your name in the upper-middle part of the screen, along with the QR code icon at the top right. Click the QR code icon to get the history of all the hosts you had interacted with.

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