Icon Clips.svg myViewBoard Clips contains over 2 million educational videos from more than 150 media brands for Video-Assisted Learning (VAL). Built specifically for education, Clips has no adverts, is copyright cleared, and is powered by Boclips. At this time, the majority of videos are in English although the service has a limited content selection in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Clips is available for Education entities - contact us to find out how to register as an education entity for free.

Use Clips in Whiteboard or a web browser

You can access the Clips website from any web browser or the embedded browser in Whiteboard for Windows.

The behavior and functionality of Clips in a web browser and Whiteboard is the same.

To open Clips from a web browser:

  1. sign in to your myViewBoard account at myviewboard.com
  2. On the homepage, click the   Clips icon
  3. Clips will open in a new browser tab.


To open Clips from Whiteboard:

  1. Click Magic Box  , then the Clips icon  .
  2. Alternatively, open Clips in the embedded browser  .


Access Clips in a web browser, including the embedded browser in Whiteboard, to create, manage, and share playlists. This is not possible when accessing Clips in Classroom (only searching videos and viewing existing playlists).

Search for videos

In a web browser, at the top of the screen there is a   searchbox for all videos.

On the left there is a menu for viewing organized lists of videos by:

    Collections (organized by academic discipline)

    My Playlists (lists of videos, also supports links to Google Drive documents for lesson materials)

    Shared With Me (playlists that others have shared to you)

    My Quiz (view your quizzes)

    Liked Video

    Watch Later

    History (watch history for Clips in browser)

    Bookmarks (saved collections)

Also on the homepage there are selected videos from academic disciplines - click See All on the right of each group to browse similar videos. You can share an individual video by clicking   Share underneath the video.


You can organize videos into playlists, including adding a text description and links to files stored on Google Drive (for example, lesson plans and activity guides). By default you will have one playlist called Watch Later.

To create a new playlist, underneath a video click the      Save button, then New Playlist. You can name your playlist now, and also edit the name later.

To view, share, edit, or delete a playlist, first click the playlist from the dropdown menu under     My Playlists in the menu on the left.

To learn how to connect your Google Drive account with your myViewBoard account, read the guide Cloud Integration.

Sharing playlists

You can share your video playlists with others. By default playlists are not visible to anyone other than the creator of the playlist.

To share a playlist:

  1. Click     My Playlists in the left handside menu
  2. Click the desired playlist
  3. Click   Share. Share via one of the following:
    •   search for people within your organization and share directly to them (people within the same email domain)
    •   open your email client and share directly to a specified person or people
    •   share via LinkedIn1
    •   share via Facebook1
    •   share via Twitter1
1 Note: sharing a playlist via Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter will be viewable by anyone who opens the link. Sharing using the first two methods above means the playlist is viewable by people you specify only.

Create a quiz in Clips

Clips supports creating quizzes for videos. Teachers can choose the video, edit the questions and format (including timing of questions), and then share via Classroom, as a web link, or display it in Whiteboard. The students can then play the video, which automatically pauses as each question, and answer the questions. The teacher can then see the results afterwards.

To create a quiz in Clips:

  1. Log in to myviewboard.com and open Clips  
  2. Find the video you wish to create a quiz for and click on it
  3. Underneath the video, select   QUIZ then Create a new quiz  
  4. Name your quiz (visible to you) and click Continue
  5. Play the video until the point at which you want to add a question.
  6. Select the format of your question, and then type the question and answers. Select the correct answer(s), then click Create.
  7. Once all questions are added, click Back, and then the upload icon  , and name the quiz (visible to students).
  8. Click   to get a shareable link to give to your students. Once the students open that link and login, they can complete the quiz.

To check the quiz results, click from the QUIZ section.

Accessing Clips from Classroom

Accessing Clips from within Classroom allows you to search videos, view existing playlists, and take existing quizzes.

To add a video from Clips in Classroom:

  1. Click the Magic Box icon   from the main toolbar
  2. Click the Clips icon  
  3. Search for the desired video, or browse your existing playlists with  , or view Collections by clicking  .
  4. Drag and drop the desired video(s) onto the canvas and resize if necessary. Click "Fit Screen"   to enlarge the video to the size of the screen.
  5. Click the   icon in the bottom left of the screen to enter Present mode and play the video.

Clips Add-ons

Although   myViewBoard Clips has proven its capability of helping all teachers with entity accounts, but complimentary options only allow 2 concurrencies of video-playing. This means only 2 teachers can play the Clips videos at the same time. Therefore, we suggest upgrading your Clips package if you wish to:

  1. Allow more teachers to use Clips simultaneously in your entity.
  2. Get 20 teachers and 600 students benefited from video-assisted learning at home.
  3. Set up a perfect in-class/hybrid learning environment.

Clips in different learning scenarios

  • In-class learning involves face-to-face instruction in a physical environment. When using Clips in the classroom, students can directly enjoy it. Thus, for schools with no need for remote teaching, we recommend an in-class learning package. Note that In-class learning does not support Classroom.

  • Hybrid learning is when some students attend your class in person, while others join the session virtually away from the classroom. In this case, teachers can broadcast videos with Classroom/Whiteboard. If students are joining a Classroom session, the school must select hybrid learning package to support playing videos for the students.

Learn more about Clips Add-ons here

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