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Main Toolbar
MT 1 file.svg
Open new or existing files, save your session, or share via QR code.
MT 2 Magic Box.svg
Magic box
Acess your device or cloud storage, safe image search, Clips, YouTube videos, webpages and animated widgets, and browse 3D models.
Classroom 3.0 MT 3 select.svg
Use this to select, move, and edit objects like text or images.
Classroom 3.0 MT 4 Pen.svg
Draw freehand lines and squiggles. Click twice to open pen options.
Classroom 3.0 MT 5 eraser.svg
Erase objects like images or text. Click twice for options like lasso and delete all.
Classroom 3.0 MT 6 sticky.svg
Sticky note
Add different color notes with text, that can be moved as objects.
Classroom 3.0 MT 7 shapes.svg
Shapes and Lines
Choose shapes, lines, or grids with color and line thickness customization.
Classroom 3.0 MT 8 text.svg
Text and Handwriting
Click on the canvas to add text. Customize by font, size, color, and formatting.
Zoom using a slider, and drag the preview box to move around the canvas.

Classroom 3.0 MT 9 undo.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 91 redo.svg
Classroom 3.0 MT 92 background.svg
Choose from image search, colors, cloud storage, or myViewBoard Originals.

Other Icons
Classroom 3 Page overview.svg
Page Management
Click the page number to open page overview. Move between pages with the arrows, and add a new page with the plus icon.
Classroom 3 Teacher icon page overview.svg
Teacher/Huddle overview
Click here to overview the current page for teacher and huddle canvases. Click a huddle preview to view more pages in that huddle.
Classroom 3 teacher video audio streaming.svg
Teacher camera
Click here to open the teacher camera stream. This is required for students to view the teacher.
Session info
Click to display session name, invite link, and invite QR code.
Change language, sign in, session ID, cloud integration, and audio/video settings.
Classroom icon eye off.png
Eyes on me
Send a message to students asking them to pay attention. Customize the message in settings.
Classroom 3.0 open dashboard.svg
Open the dashboard in a new tab to view and manage students, start breakout discussions, and view student work.

ver 1.0 20200728
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To print, click the printer icon from the top right. Enable the following:
  • Set margins to none
  • Enable printing of background graphics


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