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VC broadcast mode gray.svg Teacher's view: When enabled, all students see the main canvas only.
VC huddle mode gray.svg Student's view: When enabled, students see only the canvas assigned to their huddle.
VC raise hand all off.svg Mute all: Cancels all 'Raise hand' requests and mutes everyone in the session.
VC disable ALL.svg Pen on: Enables everyone to interact with the canvas.
VC close.svg Collapse/Expand: Collapses/expands all huddle groups.
VC manage huddle.svg.svg Active huddle view: Selects which huddle is active.
VC tab huddles s.svg Huddle menu: Displays the Huddle List and Huddle management icons.
Huddle number: Sets the number of active huddles in the session.
VC tab people s.svg Students list: Shows a list view of all students in the session.