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- Added Entity Agent feature which allows entities to add distributors or resellers as IT administrators
- Added Recall function for the Throw feature to enable users to recall files already thrown to the host


- Enabled customization options for the myViewBoard default theme, allowing users to change the default Background, as well as upload Magic Line Pen and Shape Pen images to the user's cloud storage


- Updated the homepage design of the Embed browser to make it easier to find resources



- Added a new entity feature that allows entity administrators to permit or forbid users from signing in to selected entity instances
- Added a new entity feature that allows entity administrators to decide which cloud services are available to the entities


- Users are now required to use one Google account for all Google service integrations.


- A subdomain can be added into an entity without domain verification.
- Send email notifications to the users who are added into an entity by CSV import


- Improved header rwd layout
- Fixed various bugs


- Limited the file size of an uploaded file down to 5MB on entity subscription requirement
- Modified the landing site header
- Modified the UI of the Sign In Questionaire
- Fixed various bugs


- Changed the UI layout of the cloud service binding section
- Updated the address of the entity request form universal format
- Fixed various bugs


- New sign up process will prompt for some basic user information
- New entity request user flow for Sales


- Changed the onboarding form validate criteria
- Remove Zoom account binding temporarily
- Working on modification of coupon activation and entity onboarding flow to create subscription