Release History



- Added koershoekmeter to the Magic Box tools.
- Added new entity feature that allows entity administrators to permit or forbid users from signing in to selected entity instances.


- Users are required to sign before using YouTube search, image search and Immersive Reader.
- Page management UI has been redesigned based on PowerPoint's slide management layout.
- Option to save the current Pop Quiz session in a folder of a local or cloud drive.
- Hotkeys have been remapped. Review the complete list of hotkeys at
- The UX of the text editor has been reworked.


- When saving, audio links inside .vboard files are saved as embedded files.
- Added a transparency adjustment slider on the 3D dice and XY graph tools.
- Added a color selection option for the pen on the XY graph tool.
- Embed browser has better multi-language support for websites that require the feature.


- Improved header rwd layout
- Fixed various bugs


- Limited the file size of an uploaded file down to 5MB on entity subscription requirement
- Modified the landing site header
- Modified the UI of the Sign In Questionaire
- Fixed various bugs


- Changed the UI layout of the cloud service binding section
- Updated the address of the entity request form universal format
- Fixed various bugs


- New sign up process will prompt for some basic user information
- New entity request user flow for Sales


- Changed the onboarding form validate criteria
- Remove Zoom account binding temporarily
- Working on modification of coupon activation and entity onboarding flow to create subscription