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Pop Quiz is available in Whiteboard for Windows and Whiteboard for Android, for Premium and Entity tier accounts.

The teacher can ask a question verbally or in written form, and invite students to submit their answers from their own device which can be shared to the Whiteboard.

Polls is a similar feature, designed for more structured questions.

Open Pop Quiz

First, make sure you are signed in to Whiteboard with your myViewBoard Premium or Entity account (see sign in to Whiteboard for info).

  1. Click   Magic Box in the main toolbar.
  2. In the pop-out window, click   Polls to open the Pop Quiz window.

Invite people to your Whiteboard session

Invite your audience to join your whiteboard session, so they can participate in Pop Quizzes, Polls, share files, and share screens.

Your unique Whiteboard session ID is shown in the top left of the whiteboard. People can participate in Pop Quizzes by going to the Whiteboard portal myviewboard.com/whiteboard_session in a web browser. Replace whiteboard_session with the name of the Whiteboard session you wish to join. Alternatively, users can scan the QR code using a QR code scanner or the Companion App.

Join a Pop Quiz

  1. After the unique URL loads for the Whiteboard session you wish to join, simply enter your name or nickname and click Confirm.
  2. On the next screen, click Pop Quiz.
  3. In the pop out window, you can now draw or type and click the blue send button to share it with the Whiteboard host.

Ask a question

In the Pop Quiz window, the top panel is where you can draw a question - alternatively, you can verbally ask a question, or type a question on the canvas. Hide the top question panel by clicking the   hide question icon.

View answers

  • In the lower half of the Pop Quiz window, click a name to reveal the answer from that person.
  • Click the   reveal answers icon to show/hide all answers.

Note: Pop Quiz is always available to the audience while the Whiteboard session is active (Whiteboard host is signed in to Whiteboard). This means that even if the Pop Quiz window is not open in Whiteboard, people can still send responses which will appear in the notifications area (bell icon at the top of the screen) and can be viewed from the Pop Quiz window.

To save answers: Save answers as JPG image files to your local or cloud storage by clicking the   save icon in the bottom right of the Pop Quiz window.

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