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Click the Tools icon on the Magic Box to view the list of tools available.

Tools are interactive objects that can enhance any presentation. To use an item in Tools, double click, or click and drag onto the canvas.

Available Tools

Icon Name
Displays the current time in an analog clock.
Sets a custom countdown timer. Click the mini clock icon to change the countdown, then click it again to set the time. Press the play icon to begin the countdown.
A ruler that can be expanded or rotated. Click and drag along the numbers to draw a straight line along the edge. Change the units in the myViewBoard settings.
Similar to the ruler, a Triangle that can be rotated or expanded. Click and drag along the numbers on either edge to draw a straight line. Change the units in the myViewBoard settings.
A protractor that can be rotated or resized. Click the check mark icon to draw a line along the base of the protractor.
A compass that can be resized and rotated. Click and drag the pen point to draw along the compass path.
Displays an interactive calculator.
Use the XY Graph to plot values on the X and Y (horizontal and vertical) axes.
Use the koershemeter to measure angles higher than 180 degrees. This tool is mainly used in navigation or chartwork to plot courses on a map.
Adds math formulas and equations onto the canvas.
Flash cards allow you to create a question, add an image to one side of the card, and then an answer and another image to the other side of the card. To flip the card, press the light bulb icon.
When clicked, the 3D Dice displays a random value from six possible choices.
Zooms in on any part of the screen. To increase the size of the circle, drag the edges or use the settings (gear) icon.
Blacks out the whole screen except for a small circle. Click and drag anywhere on the dark area to move the circle. Drag the edges of the circle to resize/reshape the circle or use the settings icon.
Covers the whole screen with an image. The default image is a silver "window shade". Click and drag the window shade to move it around and reveal specific sections. A custom image can be used for the "shade".