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The Magic Box is not a mystical tool from Narnia, but it’s pretty close! From YouTube videos to Pop Quizzes and Cloud Widgets, you’ll find many useful and interesting features in the Magic Box!

Resource Import
One feature of the Magic Box is the ability to import various kinds of resources into myViewBoard. First it’s important to note that you can import resources from your Hard Drive or the Cloud. All different kinds of resources can be imported and utilized in myViewBoard however, you can use the filters below to choose the type of file you’d like to import. To add a resource, simply double touch/click the item or touch and drag onto the Canvas. Note that when selecting your Cloud Storage account, Magic Box will default look in your myViewBoard Folder however, you can navigate anywhere in your Cloud Storage.
  • Selecting this will force the Magic Box to look for ALL file types that can be imported into myViewBoard (PowerPoints, Videos, Images, Interactive Whiteboard Files, etc)
  • Selecting this will force the Magic Box to look only for PowerPoint, Word Doc or PDF files. Each of these files import each page as an image, and creates a new page for each image. The only exception is PowerPoint files at which point, you’ll be asked if you want the file imported into the Foreground. If you select Yes, each slide becomes an image. If you select No, each slide becomes the background.
  • Selecting any of these forces the Magic Box to only look for Notebook, Easy Note, Interactive Whiteboard, or myViewBoard files. myViewBoard will attempt to import these resources as is (ie any shapes, text, etc).
  • Selecting any of these forces the Magic Box to look for Pictures, Music or Video files.
Sticky Notes
Sticky notes are digital notes that can be written or typed on then placed on the Canvas. When a note is selected, it is enlarged so it’s easy to write or type on. When you close the note, it shrinks for easier placement on the Canvas. You can choose the color of the stick note as well as your pen color, pen line thickness, text font, text size and text formatting.
This tool allows you to search any YouTube Video and directly add it to your Canvas. Simply type in the name of the video you’d like, then double touch/click from the menu or touch and drag to the Canvas to add the video. If you’d like to preview your video before selecting, simply click the video to play it directly in the Magic Box menu. Note that videos are added in a window and can be resized or made full screen. Also if you save your Canvas the video saves with your canvas as well.
The easiest name of all the tools to remember, Tools house various items that can enhance any lesson or presentation. To use an item in Tools, double touch/click or touch and drag onto the Canvas.
  • Clock - Displays the time in a resizable analog clock
  • Timer - Allows you to set a custom countdown timer. Click the mini clock icon to change the countdown then click it again to set the time. Press the play icon to begin the countdown.
  • Ruler - A ruler that can be expanded or rotated. Touch/click and drag along the numbers to draw a straight line along the edge. You can also change the units in the myViewBoard settings.
  • Square - A square that, like the ruler, can be rotated or expanded. Touch/click and drag along the numbers on either edge to draw a straight line. You can also change the units in the myViewBoard settings.
  • Protractor - A protractor that can be rotated or resized. Touching/clicking the check mark icon draws a line along the base of the protractor.
  • Compass - A compass that can be resized and rotated. Be default, the pen is turned on and touching/clicking and dragging the pen point draws along the path of compass. Touching/clicking the pen icon turns this off.
  • Calculator - A simple calculator that you can use during a lesson/activity (can be resized).
  • Flash Cards - Flash cards allow you to create a question and add an image to one side of the card and then an answer and another image to the other side of the card. To flip the card press the light bulb icon.
  • Magnifying Glass - Allows you to zoom in any part of the screen. You can also increase the size of the circle bag dragging the edges or touching the settings (gear) icon.
  • Spotlight - Blacks out the whole screen except for a small circle. Touch/click and drag anywhere on the black area to move the circle. Drag the edges of the circle to resize/reshape the circle or use the settings icon.
  • Window Shade - Allows you to cover the whole screen with an image. By default it looks like a silver "window shade". Touching/clicking and dragging from anywhere on the window shade moves it around, allowing you to reveal specific sections. You can also change the "shade" to be an image as well.
Online Widgets
Online widgets are animated images that you can add to your Canvas. The current categories include Animals, Sports, Daily Necessities and Nature. To add these double touch/click or touch/click and drag to your canvas. Once placed you can move/resize by touching/clicking the bottom right of the widget. To animate a widget touch/click one of the actions below the widget. Make sure your speakers are turned up so you can hear the sound along with the animation!
If you have a webcam or document camera connected to the device running the myViewBoard Program you can access the camera directly in myViewBoard. Simply touch the icon and select the camera from the list. Once a camera is selected a live video will instantly appear. Like other tools in myViewBoard, you can draw over the image and take screenshots which are placed on the Canvas. Note that this icon will not appear if you don’t have a camera device connected to your computer/board.
Throw Tool
The Throw Tool allows others to send images or videos from their device to the board. To throw, users need to go to and find the link that shows the paper airplane. They touch/click the paper airplane icon and then select an image or video from their device and choose send. It’s important to note that users are not required to sign in to access the Throw feature. If users don’t sign in, they will be asked to enter a name. If they do sign in, their Board Name will be used. They will however, have to type in the correct myViewBoard Name.
As media is "thrown" to the board, the notification bell in the top right of the screen will have a number in it. This signifies the number of new notifications (not all are from throwing). To access the "thrown" content you can either touch/click on the paper airplane icon in the Magic Box or touch/click one of the notifications. Once the Throw window is open you can double touch/click an image or drag it onto the canvas to use that image.
All "throw sessions" are saved in a folder in the Cloud. You can access them by going to your connected Cloud storage site, accessing the myViewBoard folder, and finding the "Throw" folder.
Pop Quiz
The final Magic Box tool can only be used if your district has Entity Enrollment. Please reach out to your technology director if you’re unsure your district has this or not. The Pop Quiz tool is actually always running in the background so you can initiate at any time. For kids to access the Pop Quiz they must got to from any device. They do not have to sign in but must enter their name and the myViewBoard Name. They click on the Pop Quiz icon which looks like the one above. Kids will have a blank canvas where they can draw their responses. Once they’re ready to submit a response, they must press the "throw" or paper airplane icon.
To see kid’s responses, simply open the Pop Quiz tool from the Magic Box. You’ll see the kid’s names at least once or more depending on how many times they have answered. You can reveal answers one student at a time by touching/clicking their name. Click the "Upload" circle with arrow icon at the bottom right of the quiz window uploads everyone’s responses to your Cloud storage and creates a new Pop Quiz session. You can access student responses later by accessing your Cloud storage, going to the myViewBoard folder and opening the Quiz Folder.