Live Captions display speech-to-text captions on the Whiteboard screen in realtime. This can be useful for people who are hard of hearing, where the environment is noisy or the presenter's voice too quiet for the room, and also for learning foreign languages. The captions appear at the top of the screen.

Live Captions are available in Whiteboard for Windows. It is available by request for entity account types - contact us to learn more. A microphone is required to use this feature.

System requirements

Live Captions is currently only supported in Whiteboard for Windows, and not Whiteboard for Android. If you're unsure which version you have, see What version am I using?

Your device must have a microphone. This can be built in, such as on most laptops, or external, such as a USB microphone or headset.

How to use Live Captions

Click/tap again to stop Live Captions. Allow a few seconds for the captions to disappear.
6 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Trad.Chinese and Arabic) are currently supported, with variants for different countries such as British English or Mexican Spanish.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Why can't I see the Live Captions icons?

You need to be a myViewBoard Entity account holder, and have contacted us to enable this feature. We are happy to enable this feature for you, but have disabled it by default to save resources.

Contact us here.

Read what myViewBoard Entity accounts are here.

I can see the icons, but why can't I see the Live Captions?

There could be multiple reasons for this:

  1. First check your device has a built-in microphone, or you have connected one.
  2. Check your microphone is working by clicking the search icon in the Windows taskbar, and search for microphone privacy settings. Make sure apps have access to your microphone, and scroll down to check Whiteboard can access your microphone.
  3. Check if your device has a dedicated key or button for enabling or disabling the microphone - for example some laptops have dedicated microphone keys which override Windows settings.
  4. Open control panel, and search for manage audio devices. Click Recording to view your microphone(s). Say something and observe if the microphone level indicator is green (showing it picks up audio). If it is red, it is too loud. If the level is low, consider moving the microphone closer to you. For more info on fixing microphone issues, click here.
  5. Restart myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows and try Live Captions again.

If the problem persists, our support team will be happy to help at (requires sign-in).

Can I use Live Captions with other apps?

You can use Live Captions from Whiteboard over other apps. If you start Live Captions and then minimize Whiteboard or switch to desktop mode the Live Captions will still appear at the top of the screen.

Are Live Captions included in recordings?

Yes, if you record the screen during your presentation and use Live Captions, they will be included in the recording.

Why aren't the Live Captions more accurate?

First, make sure your microphone is working correctly (see above), and that you are not too far away from it. If the background noise is high it can also negatively effect Live Captions. Consider changing the language and location by clicking  .

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