Keyboard Shortcuts

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myViewBoard supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+p Mark pen Ctrl+l Laser pen Ctrl+e Eraser Ctrl+a Lasso (selector) Ctrl+t Text Ctrl+R Infinite canvas Ctrl+0 Pen thickness (thinest) Ctrl+1 Pen thickness (thin) Ctrl+2 Pen thickness (medium) Ctrl+3 Pen thickness (thick) Ctrl+c Copy selected objects Ctrl+v Paste copied or cut objects Ctrl+z Undo Ctrl+y Redo Ctrl Add a new page Ctrl+o Turn on the screen recorder Ctrl+n Create a new .vboard file Ctrl+s Save the current file

PageDown or Right arrow: Go to the next page PageUp or Left arrow: Go to the previous page ESC: Switch to preparation (windowed) mode F5: Switch to presentation (fullscreen) mode F2: Switch to desktop mode Del: Delete selected objects