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The Huddle feature allows you to group your students into workgroups. This is especially useful if you have activities that require students to work in different groups. To open the Huddle menu, click the Huddle icon on the myViewBoard Window.

Using Huddle

Start a new Digital Whiteboard session.

  1. Invite students to the session. Wait until all students have joined your myViewBoard session.
  2. To access the Huddle panel, click the  
      icon on the myViewBoard window, then go to the Huddle tab.
  3. Students that have recently joined the session automatically appear in the group "Huddle 1".

Start placing students into different groups.

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the required number of groups.
  2. Divide the students into different groups by clicking and dragging each 'student name' to another group.
  3. Repeat this process until all students have been placed into groups.

Enable Huddle mode.

  1. By default, all students can view and interact with one common canvas.
  2. Click the    icon to activate Huddle mode.
  3. During Huddle mode, each group is given a group canvas. Group members can only interact with their group canvas and cannot see the canvas of other groups.
  4. A preview of all Huddle groups appears at the bottom right of the myViewBoard window.
  5. Click on a group to display their canvas on the main myViewBoard window. This allows you to follow the canvas of each group in real time and to comment on it with your own drawings.

Give the students permission to draw.

  1. Click "Enable All" to allow all students to draw on their canvas.
  2. Click "Disable All" to prevent all students from drawing.
  3. To set individual permissions, click on the brush icon next to the name of the student.
  4. In case there are too many groups, click    to collapse all Huddle groups, then click on a group's to expand and view only the members of that group.

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