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The File Conversion Request is a feature on the website that converts other whiteboard formats to a format that can be read by the myViewBoard application.

Supported formats

File Conversion

The File Conversion Request supports the following formats:

  • Activinspire (.flipchart)
  • SMART (.notebook)
  • ViewBoard 2.1 / EasiNote3 (.enb)

The conversion process results in the following:

  • .flipchart and .notebook files are converted to the universal .iwb file format.
  • ViewBoard 2.1 and EasiNote3 files are converted to myViewBoard for Windows .vboard files.

Conversion Process

File Conversion
  1. Sign in to the website and click File Conversion Request.
  2. Upload the file to convert.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to finish. An email notification will be sent on completion.
  4. Download the converted file.
  5. Open the converted file in your myViewBoard application.


Note the following limitations:

  • Flash and animation files are not converted.
  • Exclusive proprietary features from 3rd party vendors are not converted.
  • myViewBoard does not guarantee that all objects can be converted accurately.