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The Eyes On Me feature is only available for myViewBoard's online version Whiteboard.


The myViewBoard host must be signed in to a myViewBoard account to use this feature.

As a prerequisite, the host must perform the following:

  1. Sign in to myViewBoard.com.
  2. Click Start myViewBoard.
  3. Have students participating. (Students must join the myViewBoard session).

The Polling feature provides four different polling types:

Agree / Disagree
Ask your students whether they agree or disagree with your statement.
True / False
Ask your students if your statement is true or false.
Multiple Choice
Provide your students multiple options to answer. A maximum of 6 different answers is possible.
Ask your students to assess your statement.


  1. Open the Polling feature from the Floating toolbar.
  2. Choose one of the four polling types.
  3. Click the button in the lower right corner "Click to start".
  4. Optional: At the new window set a score for this poll.
  5. Click Start.

All your connected students can see now a PopUp on their screen. They must select their answer and click on Submit.

  1. Once all your students have answered, unveil the answer by choosing in the Set Option field the correct option.
  2. Click on Chart Statistics to get an overview about all answers.
  3. Click on Export Result to export the results to an Excel Sheet.

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