Embed Browser Tiles

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The following tables list all the tiles currently available on the Embedded browser I-floating-toolbar-embeded-browser.svg depending on the applied theme.



Embed Browser Tiles for Education theme

By default, there is a list of tiles with links to educational resources based on your geolocation. You can customize it with your preferences removing or adding tiles.

To manage the tiles:

  1. Go to http://myviewboard.com.
  2. Click the myViewBoard FollowMe icon.
  3. Click Tiles.
  4. Click a theme group to edit.
  5. On the new windows, click to enter edit mode.
    • Click to add a new tile.
    • Click to remove an exiting tile
  6. Click to save your edits.

To verify if the change was successful, sign in to a Whiteboard session and click the Embed Browser. The Embed Browser should now include the updated tiles in its homepage.



Embed Browser Tiles for Business theme

List of Business tiles by default:

Public Sector


Embed Browser Tiles for Public Sector theme

List of Public Sector tiles by default:



Embed Browser Tiles for Sport theme

List of Sport tiles by default: