To access the download window, go to and perform one of the following:

  • To download myViewBoard programs without signing in, click Resources > Downloads on the top menu toolbar.
  • To download myViewBoard programs while signed in, click the Download icon on the top toolbar.

This opens a window containing download links to myViewBoard programs.

Download Links

myViewBoard for Windows

  • myViewBoard for Windows 64bit [1]
  • myViewBoard for Windows 64bit without .NET framework [2]

myViewBoard Chrome Extension

  • myViewBoard Chrome Extension [3]
The first installer should be sufficient enough for normal use cases. The installer without .NET framework is for IT Administrators who need to maintain specific versions of .NET for compatibility.


Downloading myViewBoard for Windows & Chrome Extension

myViewBoard Android App

  • myViewBoard Android App on Google Play [4]
  • myViewBoard Android App - APK version for sideload installation on Android [5]


Downloading myViewBoard for Android

myViewBoard Companion App

  • myViewBoard Companion App for iOS [6]
  • myViewBoard Companion App for Android [7]


Downloading Companion App


Download options available at